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By | December 12, 2017

Hand-held remote control at home on any corner of the arbitrary control; family members no longer show the sky for different conflicts; accompanied by audio-visual enjoyment any time around … … when the “digital home” this “carrot” has been hanging for too long in front of us , a very basic issue is unresolved??? the future of digital television in the end the core of the family or

Computer ? Recently, the theme of “family entertainment center” of this cutting edge digital home system, the core parts of the industry after another sound very noisy.

Breakthrough: Association PC Like TV As household appliances, IT industry, the most intense competition for “family entertainment center”, the living room in the future digital home era, in the end is dominated by PC or TV

STB The world, has long been debated. Strong IT industry in the “brain”??? Powerful data processing capabilities as if the information terminal of the central nervous system colors; appliance industry strong in the “eye”??? Powerful display capabilities is enough entertainment center entertainment focus. Over the years, the former is called “Qian Fu-style entertainment”, the user need to lie on the table

Electricity Knock-off DVDs brain, play Game ; While the latter are called “backward-style entertainment”, the user leaned

Sofa To enjoy television programs. Last week, Lenovo, Shenzhen flashed shocking: the latest Tianjiao desktop computers, home appliances, surprisingly, is a face:

Monitor For the big screen LCD TV The alternative, to support 1980 1080 interlaced (1080i) and 1280 720 progressive (720p) format video, and traditional

DVD Only the highest quality 720 480 output; It uses wireless 5.1 surround HIFI

Speaker And holds a Dolby certification, known as full guarantee “

Fever Level ” Sound Effect. HD, high-fidelity digital entertainment center, no doubt will make consumers hooked. In addition, users are no longer bound by the complex wiring, wireless

Keyboard + Mouse , Wireless remote control and wireless speaker of the “three non-portfolio” so that users can easily operate anywhere in the living room, like the furniture with the same number of randomly placing your entertainment center

Wiring Naturally, no worries. These innovations is nothing but to overcome, “Qian Fu-style entertainment too hard”, this long-standing “IT-led” family entertainment centers.

Momentum: relying on the sofa playing computer

In fact, the association is from the “Qian Fu-style” to “backward-style” into a most prominent IT vendors only, their peers are engaged in similar efforts in varying degrees:

Microsoft WindowsXPMediaCenterEdition operating system to PC completely out of the operation, Qian Fu-style keyboard operation mode, instead of backward-style remote control operation mode, whether watching movies or playing games, users do not have to lie on the table, while you can comfortable sofa on the operation; Qinghua in October in

Intel Information Technology Summit launched Imini living room PC, to provide S-video big-screen TV output, allowing PC with living room big screen

TV Easy docking; TCL The M-Box comes standard with a wireless keyboard, mouse, also allow users to be freed from the shackles of cable.

Of giving birth to new products seems to imply a new era of digital consumer approach. Lenovo Group, the world’s home computer

Marketing China Senior Director and General Manager Jia Zhaohui home computer market, said last week in Shenzhen, the “digital entertainment technology has matured to promote the digital home into a substantive stage of commercialization.”

False start: Ultra low-cost flat-panel high-definition set-top box +

Digital TV No doubt grab the family home appliance industry, digital entertainment center of the most important stronghold. Although the various items of digital television standard unable to formally promulgated by the industry expected, but the Ministry of Unity

Organization Machine Card Separation set-top boxes,

One machine , CAM and prototype cards and other products to the industry movement undoubtedly sends a positive signal.

“Flat panel high-definition digital technology on the development of an excellent carrier of digital television is the future trend of 3C integration.” Micro Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

Sell Lei Nie, president, said, “second-generation ASIC CAM cards, plans to begin mass market early next year. The new integrated chip card higher, further reducing the cost of the card. We will build on, and terminal manufacturers ,

Operation Collaborative development of ultra-low-cost business model integrated a number of machines and set-top box equipment, to promote large-scale production. , “The


Tao Ye, general manager of multimedia marketing business is that in high-definition flat-panel TVs, based on developing “machine card separation” of the digital-analog integrated machine, the new TV users directly into the digital age, is expected to open up a universal digital TV Fast Track. According to Ye said, Konka current project of the 6 digital-analog integrated flat-panel TVs, plans to mass production around the Spring Festival, and the first to supply European markets.

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