Appliance TM to issue more frequent drop

By | December 12, 2017

Council calls: consumer participation in business promotion activities should understand the details, beware of consumer traps

Present, many appliance dealers and manufacturers together, set off appliances
TM to
Storm, which supplemented the post after Jiujia Dian discount will be awarded a brand new appliances. However, a number of TM to the activities hidden by the existence of product quality and consumer traps, causing consumers
. Consumer Protection Board warned consumers in the redemption, the wary consumer traps.

Cheap recycling second-hand set set to deceive consumers

8 mid, the ancient town, Mr. Lu Chuan’s TM to participate in business activities, the purchase of a price of 1863 yuan of 1.5 Wall
Air conditioning
. At that time, businesses that provide the old air-conditioning can turn back 300 yuan in cash. Two days later, the recovery of business enterprises designated staff home when the demolition of the old air-conditioning, but said that Mr. ancient old air-conditioning use too long, has been scrapped, at most discount 100. Mr. Gu believes that the price of waste collection and street vendors out of the same price, far below the price of business commitments. But the new air-conditioning has bought, to return is very difficult, but it’s hot, the old air-conditioning is not removed, can not install new air conditioning on. Mr Koo had “authorized” the recovery of personnel evaluation, recovery of personnel holding certificates issued by the exhumation from the mall to claim 100 in cash.

Remind the business sector: underestimating the cost recovery is a method commonly used in certain businesses. These businesses through a variety of
Promotional activities to attract consumers to participate appliances TM to, or promise to give consumers a higher price of steam. Consumers buy goods, the business was undervalued for various reasons the recovery of consumer Jiujia Dian prices for consumers caught in a dilemma. Therefore, the consumer appliances TM to participate in, should let the old business in need of replacement valuation of goods, and for TM to business after strike price. This merchant has no loopholes.

Price did not have to raise anti-loss benefits

Recently, Yulin Yu Zhouqu of Liu Dabo in a home appliance store to see a
TM to engage in activities of enterprises. Businesses play in the ad is “old TV can be deducted 500 yuan or worse.” Liu Dabo fancy price 1580 yuan a TV set. At that time sales commitments: as long as the provision of an old TV, will subsidize 500. In other words, the only TV station to pay 1,580 yuan in 1080 will be able to take home. Moreover, the sales staff quite straightforward, take the initiative to erase the 80 fraction. Sales are still hesitant to see Liu Dabo, he said: “Take the other old
Small appliances
To also be able to subsidize the 500! “

Liu Dabo think there is a home appliance with the bad, they brought home, paid 1,000 yuan, the happily moved back home to the TV. After returning home, he grew more and more wrong: a bad appliance can use to offset 500? He compared it to other malls. This look, so he was surprised: he bought that television sets in the other mall price is only 828 yuan. Liu Dabo feel cheated. The thought that got preferential treatment results not only give away a induction cooker, also a shortfall of more than 100 yuan. Liu Dabo for return, but the business has no quality problems with goods refused to return.

Council warning: Some store products in home appliances market price is just the price of products, the price is not the real price of the product, even if the TM to engage in activities, prices will be lower than the price. Activities in the TM to some dealers to price to calculate the redemption price, are in fact raise the redemption of the product retail price. If consumers do not know the inside story, it is easy to drop a “throw good money off soldiers,” the results. To this end, consumer participation TM to activities, to prevent unrealistically high price tag, and then decide whether to bid was more than redemption.

Returned without prior informed purchase vouchers instead of paragraph

Recently, Ms. Huang Bobai county to participate in the activities of a TM to appliance stores, fell into the trap of purchase vouchers and store settings.

Ms Wong from the media that a certain store “TM subsidy of 15%” of ads, then to a store ready for redemption
Gas stoves

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