Blue Screen After Start Up – How to Fix

By | December 12, 2017

What can be more annoying than to have an error message at the very beginning of your computer usage? You would rather have a busted electrical outlet than to continuously have to endure the blue screen after start-up. And how can you possibly guess the problem if the blue screen is followed instantaneously by a black screen while it reboots? It is as if the computer doesn’t want to be fixed at all.

Before you get too furious, you should be thinking of ways on how to read that error message that goes with the blue screen before the computer restarts automatically. If you are able to click some buttons first before the blue screen of death pops up again, make sure that you have unchecked the automatic restart option under the Start Up Settings. So with that, you will have ample time to read what the error message actually is before it reboots. Knowing the exact error will help you get to the root cause of the problem instead of second guessing the error which only wastes your time while your computer is in critical condition.

Having the blue screen immediately after the start up, means that there must be something wrong with your installations. Since it doesn’t happen when the system gets overloaded when you open too many programs, you can start isolating the problem. Once you see the real problem as indicated in the error screen, then you can check online on how to fix it.

If it is not as big of a problem as you think it is, it can probably be resolved easily by running a Startup Repair or by System Restore Utility. Again it can be as effortless as running an anti-virus check or cleaning the registry. And it might just be the power source that has the problem that’s why it keeps on rebooting. Check all possible causes from the most obvious before you delve into the trickier aspect of the problem.

Having the BSOD at the very beginning of your computer operation may be a little harder to resolve. And most likely, the blue screen of death has already happened before at random times during a computer operation that you were able to fix by a simple system reboot. If you have not tried any other means to correct the error like cleaning the registry, running system and anti-virus checks; then the glitch has obviously gotten worse. Rebooting is as good as ignoring the problem and merely hoping that the computer will eventually forget the problem. However, this quick fix may have already caught up with your system. If this is the case, then the rebooting solution has reached its end and it might be better for you to consult a computer technician to correct the problem and salvage your computer from an impending death.

The lesson here is to get the best solution even for the simplest dilemma. You cannot fool the computer too long. Besides, unlike human who can hide their true feelings like the frustration that you feel right now with gritted teeth, computers are not designed that way. The system will falter eventually when not fixed and it can only give you this much evidence like a blue screen that the system is suffering. You better tackle the problem from the start before the computer suffers an untimely death.

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