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By | December 12, 2017

Everyone has technology in their lives these days and when traveling in your car it is no different. You will want numerous amounts of gadgets and pieces of equipment. Driving and navigating has always been a challenge and often you would have got lost because you did not know the area. When you drive to a place where you are unsure, having car GPS systems is essential. They not only allow you to find your destination faster but also can aid you to find the best routes to take.

Automotive GPS systems are now very popular and there are several different brands available for you to purchase. Which one you choose will often be determined by your budget as there are some very expensive models available. You can find more affordable ones which work as well as other brands and you will find they may even be easier to use. You have to decide how many features you require on your car GPS systems and which ones you will benefit from having.

Many of the car GPS systems will enable you to pin point your exact location at all times and others will simply help you to plan your route. If you are planning a journey to a place where you have never been before then automotive GPS can be very helpful. They will often indicate speed cameras, gas stations and even places of interest. You can plan your whole journey included where you may want to stop off for lunch. The GPS will also help you to find the shortest route so this will help with fuel consumption.

Many of the car GPS systems these days are very small and fit on your car dash board with ease and you can have them mounted so the screen is visible when you stop. Using the automotive GPS is very easy and once you type in your destination then you simply have to listen to the voice commands. The commands will guide you turn by turn to your destination and will also notify you of any road work on your route. The car GPS systems are very high tech and you will never go anywhere ever again without the gadget.

You can either have portable GPS systems or inbuilt ones which assist the police and insurance company if your car is stolen. The inbuilt ones will help to reduce your insurance premiums and hopefully will get your car returned undamaged. Although not all cars have these in built systems the portable car GPS systems are as good but won’t track your car if stolen. You can purchase the systems in many different stores and online. You should research the different brands and models before making a decision on which one to purchase.

Once you have established which brand of automotive GPS you want then you can begin comparing prices. If you do not want the latest GPS available then you will find they are very affordable and equally as good as the latest ones. They can help you to save money, find your destination and find land marks you might not have even known existed.

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Product Description
Never get lost! Keep your GPS with you all the time with this APPS2Car NonSlip Dashboard Beanbag Friction GPS Mount.


1. Beanbag Friction Dash GPS/Phone Mount fits for all models of 3.5" to 6" viewing size GPS & Smartphones
2. Designed without magnets, no harm to the GPS/cellphones.
3. Will NOT block air vent or CD slot or any display section view with GPS kept on the dash.
4. Gravity friction beanbag, will not leave residue on the dashboard.
5. Universal and compact design. Quick and easy and out of sight storage when GPS is not in use.
6. It keeps everything in plain sight when you need it and out of the way when you don't

Product Size: about 7.6 x 5.5 x 2 inches
Net Weight: 703g

Beanbag Friction Dash Clamshell GPS Mount * 1

NB : Recommend to put on the flat surface to its best performance.

Price: $18.60
  • Spring lock clamp holder will fit any 3.5" 4.3" 5" 6" GPS/Smartphones with unique Anti-slip Jello Block under the mount that will stick on to your dashboard (Removable and easy to clean with water)
  • Alternative GPS and Smartphone Mounting Solution for the California and other states where windshield mounts are NOT permitted / HANDS FREE LAW
  • Compatible with Garmin Nuvi 40 42 44 50 52 54 55 56 65 255 13xx 1450 2455 2475 2495 2555 2557 2595 2597 3590 3597 LM LMT GPS
  • Compatible with TomTom GO Start 45 55 60 65 500 600 Via 1405 1435 1505 1535 1605 1635 XXL 540 550 XL 330 340 350 GPS
  • Compatible with Magellan Roadmate 2035 2036 2045 2055 2120 2145 2136 3030 3045 3055 3065 3120 5045 5120 5175 5190 5365 5370 2210 2220 2230 2240 2255 5220 5230 5236 5245 5255 5265 1470 1475 1430 1424 1420 1415 1412 1400 T MU EU LM LMB LMTX SAT NAV GPS

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