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Embroidery and its various techniques plus designs have always been an essential part of Indian garments. With dozens of regional embroidery styles varying by region, the rich heritage and culture of the place naturally get reflected in their work. Indian embroidery and its products are in great demand both at domestic front as well as an international level.

There is mention of needlework and embroidery the Vedas and in Exodus in the Bible. In the ancient Egyptian times, gold has been known to use for the decorative stitches, often covering the entire garment. Greek and Roman garments had borders which were finely embroidered. In Asia, from remotest times, there is evidence of luxurious designs embroidered with gold and silver thread. The intricate and delicate embroidery of China is world famous for its style and has remained unchanged for centuries.

Recent times have seen a colossal improvement in both style and designs in the Indian embroidery. Projecting a picture of a variety of Indian customs and cultures, these ethnic styles are in great demand by a lot of fashion conscious global brands for western wear as well Indian traditional outfits like the Saree and Salwaar Kameez.

The most elaborate and tedious form of Indian embroidery is the Zardosi workmanship. Kantha, mirror, Ari work and chikankari embroidery are all popular and enhance the beauty of any fabric. The fabrics used are generally silk, velvet or any other fabric in demand which will go well with the embroidery. The skilled craftsman covers the fabric with magical patterns, embellishing it with metal thread, or the usual silk thread or rayon, covering it with stones or beads. Highly acclaimed globally, it is no surprise to see the embroidery work boosted up in the markets and with an ever rising demand, both by men and women.

It is magical to see even the dullest fabric come alive with a touch of fabulous embroidery. And it is just not limited to apparels but goes on to cover home furnishing products as well as upholstery and wall mountings or even bags! With a mind boggling range of intricate embroidery patterns, today these embroidered products are getting huge response in all corners of the world.

One can often find collection of embroidered works in their mother’s and grandmother’s works. Covering handkerchiefs, table runners, potholders, kitchen towels, tablecloths, clothing items, and towels, the graceful designs followed a multitude of themes like artful items, or even people, umbrellas, houses and insects.

Today ornamental embroidery is getting more popular. Applied to all types and varieties of fabrics, craftsman work with many sorts of threadlinen, cotton, wool, silk, gold, and even hair. They integrate the use of decorative objects, such as shells, feathers, beads, and jewels, which are often sewn to the embroidered piece.

Embroidered products are manufactured in different parts of the world, be it Europe, Africa, the American continents or Asia. They all have their own range of products to showcase, and each with their own distinctive style and signature. Incorporating different embroidery techniques, it wouldnt be wrong to say that embroidery is here to stay forever.

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