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By | December 12, 2017

When you write some pieces of work and post them to online directories, you can get some immediate visitors to your website. Certainly, those targeted visitors will bring profit to you. And day by day, a small number of you articles will keep on generating clicks from the directories. If you could take advantage from those articles to get much better back-end results, what will happen?


For instance …


Google loves You can’t do very many searches without finding an EzineArticles article listed on the first page of Google results. Why shouldn’t that be you? If your article is listed #3 on the first page of results for some search term that your perfect prospect types into the search box … what is that worth to you?


What if you have articles listed on the first page of Google results for 100 different, unique search terms, relevant to your blog or website content? Consider how much targeted traffic you could get over months and years from all those articles … not to mention the fact it is free.


You can achieve first page ranking in Google results almost every single time you write, if you do 2 things right:


1. Target the exact keyword phrase you want to be searched for in the title of your article.


2. Compose a list of Latent Semantic Indexed words for your topic. Simply, these are words often related to your niche subject. For the topic of article writing, for instance, words like category, credibility, traffic, page views, newsletters, promotion, readers, resource box, and many others. Just read some articles in your topic, and you can easily make up a list of related words. Then be sure to use a bunch of these words in each article you write … 15 or 20, at least.


Google your article title 24 hours after it’s been approved by the directory. Let me know what results you get. This technique helps you leverage your articles to create more profit.



Only results count. Richard Dennis submitted 20 short articles in 10 days. Result? Google lists all 20 articles in its top 4 search results. In fact, 16 articles are #1 … against many millions of competing pages. See the proof at, and get your free step-by-step plan for how you can do the same.

Product Description
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