Good Oil Spill Clean Up Companies Take Charge When it Counts

By | December 12, 2017

An oil spill will require thousands of man hours, technical resourcefulness, calculated preparations and the most knowledgeable people in the field to effectively prevent the spill from destroying miles of coastline, killing off wildlife and causing business owners to lose tourists dollars that are vital to their survival. It is a time when oil spill clean up companies need to put their best foot forward and take charge before things get out of hand. Having the right equipment ready to deploy is a good sign that these oil spill clean up companies are prepared to handle an emergency such as an oil spill, which can occur at any time in U.S. waters. One type of equipment that has proven successful against floods and beach erosion are the HESCO® Concertainer® basket units. The units are gabions that are commonly used for flood control as well as military operations. Made of a collapsible wire mesh framework and geotextile lining, the HESCO® units can be filled with materials such as sand, crushed rock and granular materials and can form a huge wall that can stretch for miles along coastlines.

Another good point about the units is that they take little time install and require only a few people to do the job. A single HESCO® unit is the equivalent to 1,500 flood sandbags, which take about seven hours to install on average and at least 10 people. The HESCO® unit takes only about 20 minutes to install a 30-foot tier and two people working together can complete the job in that time.

Also, having agents on hand that can transform hydrocarbon spills into floating sold masses of rubber is also handy. Enviro Armour™ is such an agent that works wonders on oil and chemical spills. It is a blend of USDA food grade polymers that present no danger to humans or fish or wildlife. It is not toxic, nor corrosive or carcinogenic. The Environmental Protection Agency lists it as a solidifier for hydrocarbon spills on U.S. waters and it makes oil spills clean up an easier task. This is because it will turn oil into a floating solid that can be disposed of easier. Oil spill clean up companies are using Enviro Armour™ more frequently and combining them with the HESCO® units.

Integrated Protection Systems and Sterling Building Specialists are two oil spill clean up companies working together to combat any oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. For more information, log on to
Sterling Building Specialists offers ways to protect beaches from storms, hydrocarbon spills and erosion. They can install flood sandbags or HESCO® Concertainers® Units along with the agent, Enviro-Armour™, to help protect beaches from oil slicks or loss of sand due to erosion or hurricanes. They work with Integrated Protection Systems, installing the units or sandbags where needed. In addition, Sterling Building Specialists works with speed and efficiency and are always environmentally sensitive, with a focus on protecting your property.

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