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I was told that I should have a Firewire cable to transfer videos from my camcorder to my computer. I have USB connectors on my PC, is that the same thing, or can the Firewire plug in to that?
Firewire Versus USB

Firewire is a name that refers to a set of Apple branded data ports that are designed for high-speed data transfer. These ports were developed back in 1995 by Apple Inc. as a connectivity solution for digital media devices like digital cameras and camcorders. Since their introduction, the digital camera industry has included Firewire connectors with most of their new products. Firewire ports may also be found on external hard drives and other devices that need to transfer large volumes of data quickly.

Firewire interfaces are definitely faster than USB interfaces. In fact, Firewire interfaces can transfer data at a rate of 50 megabytes (MB) of data per second, which is about 33 times faster than the USB 1.1 data transfer rate of 1.5 MB per second. USB 2.0 devices, which are more common, can achieve speeds of 40 MB per second. Australian leading laptop batteries, camcorder batteries, camera batteries, laptop ac adapters supplier. Specializes in laptop computer battery, notebook batteries, HP laptop batteries, Dell laptop batteries, Toshiba laptop batteries, Acer laptop batteries.

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Another advantage of Firewire over USB is that it reserves 3.5 MB per second of bandwidth to use with video equipment. This means that if you have additional Firewire devices running when you are using your attached video equipment, the quality of your video image wont be affected. Finally, Firewires, like USB interfaces, allow you to hotswap your devices quickly, however, Firewires will allow you to chain up to 63 devices per port. Just in case you have a LOT of cameras, I guess. 🙂
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