Instant Income Success Article 3: How to Earn an Online Income

By | December 12, 2017

Having conquered the tasks of choosing your niche, buying your domain name and hosting your site, you are ready to move on and get closer still to making money online effectively. The next piece in the Internet Marketing puzzle covers the easy process of getting an Autoresponder.

An Autoresponder is an online Tool that allows you to build a list of prospects and customers, enabling you to manage them very efficiently. It is a proven fact that building and maintaining a list of customers is the by far the best way to earn money consistently online. The general school of thought in the Internet Marketing world is that customers who have bought from you once will buy from you again so it’s important to keep their details somewhere safe.

An Autoresponder system allows you build a list of tens of thousands of customers and it enables you to communicate with them all at once by entering your message and by selecting to send it. This technique of effective mass communication just cannot be achieved using traditional email methods.

It is very difficult to make money online without an Autoresponder so, although you may be put off by having to pay a monthly fee, you will miss a great opportunity to “monetise” your list if you don’t get one. There are several companies out there, and feel free to browse them all at your leisure, but, to save time, I highly recommend that you open an aWeber account – it’s never let me down. The aWeber Autoresponder system can be found at

The industry stats show that on you can earn an average of $ 1 every month per customer on your list. So with a list of just 500, that’s $ 60,000 a year, for working just a few hours a week part time from home! Not bad. Now, if you scale that up to 30,000 customers that’s $ 360,000 a year for the same amount of effort!

So, if you go to and select ‘Pricing’, you will see that the site is offering a $ 1 trial account for a month (at the time of writing this article). If you’re uncertain about using an Autoresponder then this offer is perfect for you to get a feel for how the system works. The next step is easy, simply enter in your personal details and your account will be activated.

Next time, we’ll talk about… ‘Confirmed Opt-in email & signing up to Clickbank’. But, for now, good luck and good health! You’re one step closer to the ultimate goal!

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