Latest Web Design Trends For 2011

By | December 12, 2017

Web designers will want to make 2011 websites more profitable end-user friendly and above all do what it takes to keep a visitor on the site. There are several new trends that are being incorporated into these new websites.

Editorial Layout

one of the predicted trend for 2011 is the incorporation of editorial layouts. This allows the visitor to look at and find the information he needs on the website more easily. Websites with editorial layouts have articles containing subheadings, keywords and larger images. This helps the website list more quickly on the search engines and allows a reader to find what he is looking for in a shorter period of time.


This is another area that will grow in 2011. The awareness of needed increased Internet security is important and people want to make sure that the website they surf on uses secure SSL technology for money transactions. Website owners with extended validation (EV) and EV SSL certification will make more sales and experience fewer desertion rates. This seal indicates to customers that an owner has thought of security issues and will comfort them into the knowledge that buying from the site will be safe.

Web Design Innovation

In 2011 new web design innovations, creativity and inventions will also be a point of interest. The introduction to the tablet PC will bring about new is created designs for this industry. These new designs will be spurred by tough competition.


Most web designers will be abandoning JavaScript and seeking solutions with CSS 3. This will increase mobile phone applications and decrease Flash applications. There will also be an increased use of photography or professional artwork and more innovative mobile logo designs.

Newer Technology

Web designers are constantly scrambling to keep up with newer technologies, and predicted trend can be difficult as this is constantly changing. Some designers have stopped trying to keep on top of the trends and continue with traditional design methods. It’s important to determine whether you want a trendy web design from designer that is constantly renewing his educational knowledge. In most cases this type of web design will also , the slightly higher price.

Joshua writes for Bright Site web design company Brighton. Find out more about the latest web design trends here.

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