Locker Room Benches

By | December 12, 2017

Locker room benches are designed to take up less space than regular outdoor benches. They are created to provide a convenient location for players, employees, or gym members to rest or get prepared for the upcoming game or workout. There are various locker room bench styles to choose from so you can decide on the version that matches your locker room the best. Wood locker benches, plastic locker benches, and aluminum locker benches are available in different lengths and finishes. No matter what your locker room’s needs are, you are sure to find the type of locker room bench that accommodates the amount of people your locker rooms sees each day.

Locker Bench Options

One choice you have is the locker room bench that is finished with a clear protective coating so it will hold up well in locker rooms that have a lot of traffic throughout the day. The light natural wood color provides a simple design for your locker room while the pedestals have 21 different color choices to customize the bench’s look. You can mix and match the length of the locker room benches you order to ensure that they fit in the space allowed while providing your player’s or gym members with enough seating to accommodate them. There are two different types of pedestal styles offered so you have the ability to choose between the one that must be anchored to the ground and one with a base that can be moved.

Aluminum Locker Benches

The aluminum locker bench is made with only aluminum and has rounded edges. This easy to assemble locker room bench option is available in many different lengths so you can easily choose which will fit best in your school, gym, or employee locker room. The powder coated aluminum finished pedestals are constructed to be mounted to the ground.

Wood Locker Benches

The wood locker bench comes in two different finishes; either light or dark. The dark and light finish wood locker benches have pedestals with a powder coated black finish and four mounting holes to ensure they are secured to the ground. You can choose lengths that range in one foot increments from 36 inches to 96 inches. Although the wood locker benches come unassembled, they are easily to assemble and mount to the ground.

Solid Plastic Locker Benches

Solid plastic benches are easy to maintain and are great for high traffic areas. They are easy to clean and are vandal resistant. You won’t ever have to repaint the locker or fix any dents or scratches. The tough plastic locker room benches won’t rust or delaminate and are made from 30% post-industrial recycled HDPE plastic. Choose from colors such as starry night, burgundy, buttermilk, or deep blue to continue with any color scheme your locker room may follow.

Bench Style Storage Lockers

Bench lockers are great for locker rooms that have limited amount of space, yet needs to provide visitors with a seating area and place to securely hold their possessions. There are multiple lengths to choose from and comes in various colors. Like other solid plastic locker room benches you won’t have to repaint or repair dents and scratches. Plastic bench lockers are great for locker rooms that include showers because they will not succumb to moisture or high humidity.


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