Mad Men 2nd Season

By | December 12, 2017

Recently, the Mad Men series has premiered the second reason. This series’ fans can now enjoy it.

The popular series is based on a New York City advertising firm, and gets its name from a term used to refer to those who worked in the city’s advertising district of Madison Avenue. The show is set in the early 1960s and has been praised for accurately showcasing the historical landscape at the time.

Critics have noted that Mad Men depicts American society and culture in the 60s perfectly, as the series weaves highlight excessive cigarette smoking, gender disparities, homophobia, adultery and ethnic and racial tensions in their scripts for each episode. The series originally aired in America on AMC in 2007, but has since branched to broadcasts in countries around the world, including the UK.

Though the show has only produced two seasons, the cast and crew have received wide critical acclaim since its premiere. The show has received accolades for being historically accurate, with the script and set of the series showcasing the changing era.

Many also note that the show’s writing often foreshadows the changes that are to come later in the 60s, and that the struggles and opinions of the young characters are accurate depictions of how many people felt during the time.

The show stars Jon Hamm as Don Draper, a creative director at the advertising firm Sterling Cooper who has a mysterious past. Draper is married to Betty Draper, and both are seemingly unhappy in their marriage. Another main character is Peggy Olsen, who joins the office as a new receptionist but is soon promoted to copywriter as she is thought to have a natural talent.

The roles of the receptionists in the show are meant to showcase attitudes towards women in the workplace during the 1960s. The show is also known for its creative costume design, with the women wearing gorgeous, and much talked about, dresses that showcase the emerging fashion trends at the time.

The show has garnered international acclaim and is shown through various cable and satellite providers worldwide. Digital television has also made watching the popular series all the easier, as those who own a satellite receiver and Sky+ box or satellite PVR are able to receive and record the show for convenient viewing.

Satellite television brings plenty of advantages to television fans, including the option to digitally record your favourite shows, so it’s easier for fans to conveniently watch the programme. Now Mad Men fans won’t have to miss any of the show’s second season!

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