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By | December 12, 2017

What makes a workout both challenging and safe? This question has been asked by many and answered unsuccessfully by most; however Joseph Pilates was one man who knew the answer and shared it with the world. Joseph believed that our physical and mental health are intertwined and this philosophy was key for his very own, Pilates.

Pilates is a form of exercise which can be done on a floor mat with training or with machines that help you tone by resistance. It emphasizes on core strength, flexibility and awareness which facilitates a very easy movement for your body which is most sensible; as the solution to any problem in fact is at the very core itself!

Endorsers of this method such as Melbourne Pilates recommend this method due to its adaptability to individual needs. For those who love to dance and frisk about, Pilates offers further flexibility through its program. On the other end a senior citizen need not worry as Pilates has been designed to support exercise by persons with various physical handicap (originating from such forms) and overall will develop ones agility whilst becoming stronger and leaner at the same time.

As I observe, the key to Pilates is developing Core strength. As the word itself suggests a strong core will build a great foundation and that is what Pilates believes in. Our Spine and movement is supplemented by the strength of muscles within our Core. For those of you who dont know which these are, they are the muscles placed internally near your back and abdomen. This concentration on the core naturally develops your whole body agility and centers such as Melbourne Pilates believe that this exercise benefits us by preventing injuries in the future and safely rehabilitating joint and spinal pain.

As the man of Principle succeeds so does this exercise of principle by following a few simple guidelines of centering, control, concentration flow, precision and breath. Unlike most other exercise the difference is that by this principles a thorough work out can be achieved with minimum monotony and repetition but maximum effect.

Finding the center of your body is important in Pilates as the core centralized exercise depends on this. Control over ones self is essential. A person should be able to control their body with these exercises to avoid going over your limit and importantly your mind plays a part in concentration. This is what maximizes exercise by you giving in-depth attention to each exercise and that way the time just passes by. Further, Pilates keeps the flow and it just goes from one to the other almost like clockwork. Nobody is perfect and neither are you. Precision thus does not mean perfection but your imperfect best and with time you could in fact be precisely perfect. The Breathing technique involved is not as simple as inhaling and exhaling. It takes a while but eventually it will become second nature to you and thus this integration of 6 will give you a leaner, meaner, fitter demeanor as well as a stress relieved persona.

If you are interested in this unique, effective method Id recommend you take a look at Melbourne Pilates at These chaps have what it takes for you to excel through Pilates.

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