New Xbox 720 The Next Generation Console

By | December 12, 2017

Hello friends and welcome to my article dedicated to the new prototype that Microsoft has been working on the XBox 720. Unless you have been living somewhere below a rock for the very last decade then you certainly already know just how competitive the gaming industry is.

That begin said 2 of the heavy weights continue to duke it out for worldwide gaming supremacy. What does this mean to you as the player? Well on the negative aspect it means that you may continuously have to keep upgrading games systems as time progresses but on the positive side you can have access to all of the new gaming technology that your heart can handle.

Sony has had a little bit of breathing room lately with their latest XBox 360 shatterer the blue ray player equipped and ever popular Ps 3, however the people at Microsoft have a little trick up their sleeves. You can bank on this trick not being a white rabbit but instead an incredible new gaming system referred to as the XBox 720.

If this new gaming console is to compete with the likes of the futures’ PS4 then we can safely assume that its memory storage will be somewhere close to 1TB. This means that you simply could store more games and films on it than you could possibly ever dream of.

Streaming films services like Net flicks and Hulu will most probably get in on the action and be offered as premium features with the Xbox720 as well. Certainly any Play station beat down wouldnt be possible or accomplish without first adding blue ray DVD capability. Currently XBox has added Microsoft Kinect, the ability to make yourself the controller, to its arsenal and we can expect it to still be around for use with the new system as well.

Despite the fact that it has not been confirmed XBox 720 will more than likely add 3D gaming to their new system. Either way you cut it we still have some time on our hands before this system debuts and until then it is sure to be the topic of every gaming forum around until it actually is launched in 2011 or the early part of 2012. You can bet that gamers everywhere are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the new Xbox 720 worldwide. I hope this information has been valuable and thank you for reading my post.

The new Xbox 720 prototype is still in development and looks like it will be an excellent console, however it will still take a couple of years until it is released, The New Xbox 720 Blog is here to keep you updated on the latest news about this project.

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