Planning a Child? Then Read This!

By | December 12, 2017

Bringing a child into this world is a very profound issue. This child could become a Hitler or Saddam or Osama-bin-Laden; or it could become a Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Theresa. It could become a scientist, a doctor, an engineer, a poet, an artist, an industrialist, a philanthropist; or it could become a thief, a thug, a fraudster, a killer, a drug-addict etc. It is full of possibilities and uncertainties. Mainly, either it will grow into a good person or a bad person.

Do the parents-to-be have any mechanism to ensure that the child they give birth to does not turn out to be a monster – an anathema to themselves and the society? On the other hand, can they be certain to any degree that the newly-born shall grow into a noble soul? Do both these probabilities depend on the will of the God? Or do the prospective parents have any leverage in the matter?

Ancient Indian wisdom has numerous examples to substantiate the fact that the prospective parents have the power to decide what kind of soul they bring into this world. As it is, most of the children getting born in today’s world are results of unmindful sexual act between the copulating man and woman. There is hardly any concern other than sensual pleasure, as in the case of animals. When a new life is conceived as a result of such act, there is every possibility that the child that is born shall have brute-like qualities when it grows up.

On the other hand, when the parents plan a child in advance, discuss the issue between themselves, make it a conscious, well-organized and welcoming act, there is every likelihood that the life so conceived shall grow into a problem-free, mature and responsible human being. When the birth of a child has been planned in advance by the parents, their mental, emotional and psychic conditions will be in harmony and the conception will surely attract a good soul to inhabit the new life.

There are more, greater pitfalls when the conception is unplanned and unmindful. After the act of copulation, when one day after going through morning sickness the mother visits her doctor to find out that she has conceived, more often than not, she is filled with horror instead of joy. She will at once start agonizing about how she is going to cope with it, how she will keep her job, how they will incur the expenses of child-bearing and bringing-up. That is to say, all sorts of negative emotions will attack her and her husband’s psyches. Such parents may also consider the possibility of aborting it (legally or illegally).

In the event that such a mother has no option but to carry the pregnancy and to give birth to her child, she will, at the same time, be carrying all the tensions and worries. Her negative mental and emotional states will have a telling effect on the life developing in her womb and the child so born can hardly be expected to have a cheerful disposition. He or she might grow into a sad, hostile, aggressive or rebellious character.

Conversely, the mother of a consciously planned child shall always bear an air of cheerful expectancy, eagerly awaiting to welcome the new life into the world. Her husband will also be supporting, encouraging and trying to keep her emotionally healthy and happy. The child thus born is sure to have a positive outlook and attitude towards life.

So, parents-to-be, the destiny of the child you are going to give birth to, is in your own hands. Try to make the best of this opportunity.

My name is Ashwani Chowdhry. I am from Inda. I do not intend to market or sell anything. Rather, I want to share some spiritual thoughts & experiences derived from the extremely rich cultural heritage of my country with the world at large.

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