Qualities That Define True Leadership

By | December 12, 2017

There are many qualities that can define true leadership, but I believe five qualities stand out among all others. These qualities truly define and maintain the focus needed to become a true leader and gain the goal of success as an entrepreneur. Leadership is a skill that must be mastered and shown daily, not only in business but in life in general.

As we go throughout our daily routines, notice the characteristics of people around you. Here’s an exercise for you the next time you go to a mall: Find that one person that sticks out of the crowd. Why did you notice them? Was it their appearance? Or was it the way that that person carried themselves, walking tall, chest out, and confident? These are traits of leadership skills, even if they don’t seem as so. You might think that this person is self-centered or just over confident of themselves. If you were able to notice that person out of a large crowd, then you were able to see the qualities that made that person unique among everyone else.

Now, these same qualities are very important to have in business in order to become the leader others will follow into success. You want to have others react to you the same way you reacted to that person in the mall. You want to be the one person people notice in a crowd of others in your same industry. That’s how to truly gain the success everyone is going after, especially in the network marketing industry.

I strongly believe there are five main qualities you must have that define your true leadership qualities and here they are:

1. Desire – One must have a strong desire to see others succeed. A leader must give and serve to his followers in order to gain success and the right to be known as a leader.

2. Faith – As the great Napoleon Hill states in his masterpiece “Think and Grow Rich”, “FAITH is the starting point of all accumulation of riches!” Just as we have faith in religion, family, and friends, a true leader will have faith in their team of followers and believe in each and every one of them without discrimination.

3. Commitment – A strong and un-deniable commitment to your team of followers is crucial. Individuals feel that sense of dedication and commitment to seeing them succeed from the one specific leader that they are looking to for success and if for some odd reason that confidence and feeling of security goes missing, so will the individual and, make no mistake about it, several others.

4. Honesty – Honesty and Integrity go hand-in-hand in showing excellent leadership qualities. Dishonesty in your leadership will be noticed, if not immediately, but in due time and can destroy all efforts made to succeed. So let’s keep it simple, remain at all times honest with your following team, and you will always be their leader.

5. Uniqueness – This is a great quality to have. As people, not one person is the same and we are already unique amongst others. Being unique in leadership maintains the focus on you as a leader and you will always maintain the interest of your team members. There’s nothing worse than becoming a boring leader. It’s a sure way to not be considered a leader at all.

Keep in mind that not everyone has the same opinion as I do in regards to what the best leadership qualities are, but in the experience that I have had in my field and industry, these are above all the ones that I noticed the most. You will probably have your own favorite 5 or even 10 qualities of leadership. Remember, you must show those qualities in order for you to become successful. “Give and you shall receive.” I wish you all the best in life and business, and if I’ve have shown those qualities to you here please feel free to leave your comments. I always love to hear from my readers.

Dedicated To Your Success,

Pablo Gonzalez

After a 16 year career in the automotive industry, economic situations forced me to make a decision, whether to continue on the rat race or to finally take that extra step in getting out. Since that day, life hasn’t been the same.

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