String Quartet

By | December 12, 2017

String quartets can provide a touch of elegance and sophisticated to business and social events. There are a number of excellent string quartets available playing a wide range of music from classical to jazz. There is something very charming and sociable about the sound of a string quartet and this is a great way of providing music at your event which people of ages will enjoy.


String Quartets are ideal for weddings and can make your day extra special. Most professional string quartets specialise in weddings and will have wide repertoire of suitable pieces well rehearsed and ready to play. They can perform at your ceremony and the reception and will bring a touch of class and refinement to the proceedings. String quartets will be highly experienced at playing a wide range of different types of music so if you want something a little different for your wedding you need to contact them well in advance and discuss suitable pieces. This will give the musicians time to arrange and rehearse the type of music you would like. You cannot just inform them on the day if you want specific pieces, although many musicians do have a wide repertoire and may be able to accommodate some spontaneous requests. If you do want a string quartet to play during your wedding ceremony you will need to check if this is allowable at the venue. For example many registry offices and churches cannot not accommodate live music and also have restrictions on what type of music can be played (no religious music for example). Make sure you check all the practicalities first before you hire a string quartet for your wedding.

Business Events

At business events it is important for people to mingle and network so the music should not overwhelm the proceedings and make it difficult for people to interact. String quartets are ideal for business events such as product launches, new store openings and more. The musicians will be able to accommodate many different musical requests so you will be able to choose the right kind of music to suit the occasion. Musical choices range from period music such as medieval, classical and baroque through to pieces from films, musicals and also modern pop arrangements. Professional string quartets are very versatile and as long as you make arrangements for specific music well in advance they should be able to accommodate your requests. If you have a piece of music that is associated with your company it is also a good idea to appraise the musicians of this in advance so they can accommodate this into their repertoire for the event.

String quartets can also be scaled down to a trio or duo if space is tight so you do need to check the venue before you book your musicians. If you have any special requests that may require the inclusion of an additional guest musician such as a pianist or flutist make sure you make these arrangements well in advance. Members of string quartets will be professional musicians and will have many contacts in the business. They will most likely know an appropriate person for any special pieces of music and will be able to make the arrangements and ensure the pieces are rehearsed before the big day. provides string quartets , at exceptional value, for any number of events including corporate receptions & wedding string quartet


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