TASER – Self Defense Electronic Control Devices

By | December 12, 2017

Many people use the word TASER as though it were a name of a thing, and it is a name, in fact it’s a registered trademark name. The name refers to a device, which is battery operated, and is often confused with a stun gun. To clarify the difference, a stun gun is also a battery operated device, that will deliver anywhere from 100,000 volts to a million volts, and sometimes more, depending on the model, directly into the body of the “would be” attacker. The phrase “would be” attacker is used because, after getting stunned by a stun gun, he will no longer be able to continue the attack. In fact, he will drop to the ground like a sack of potatoes, and won’t be able to do much of anything for at least 20 or 30 minutes.

Now a C2 TASER is an item that almost looks curved, like a gun, but without a trigger. When you fire it at someone, two small dart-like probes will be deployed, and they are connected to the device by wires. The unit features a cartridge of compressed nitrogen, which will cause the two probes to fly out fast and forcefully. The probes will enter the clothing and touch the skin surface and 50,000 volts will travel through the wires and into the assailant’s body, which will have incredible take down power!

The TASER probes will travel up to fifteen feet, and when they are deployed the cartridge also releases 20-30 tiny paper tags with a serial number on them, which is part of the anti-felon identification system. Law enforcement can retrieve some of the confetti from the scene and contact TASER international to get the owner’s name of that particular device, and make sure of no misuse. Anyone with a felony on the record cannot own or operate a TASER device, it is against the law.

These self defense items are very powerful, and are only to be used in matters of self defense of an extreme nature. They range in price from around $ 349 to as much as $ 500 or $ 600 depending on model and features. Stun guns, which also have an enormous amount of take-down power, can range from $ 25 to $ 100, again, depending on the model and the strength. So, whatever your needs are, the important thing is to find the item of self defense that is best for you, and get one as soon as possible, just in case you ever need it, and hopefully you never will need it, but no one knows for sure.

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