Terrible photos on Brazil?s streets of Google Street View

By | December 12, 2017

Dead bodies, gang arrests, prostitutes, addicted kids appeared in the photos of Google Street View have made the world community very socked because they reflect the left side of real life in Brazil. After seeing these images, people may have same emotional feeling that what happens on Brazilian streets are very terrible. The search giant last week opened the doors to its street-level and panoramic online mapping service in the South American country, allowing armchair observers to scan a snapshot of daily life.


A Google spokeswoman said the company took issues around inappropriate content in its products very seriously. She also stressed that images may be removed quickly after being notified because privacy and user choice remain paramount for Google.


Thank to Google Street View, people can recognize abnormality in the relationship among citizens. In one shoot, several more dead bodies have been uncovered in alleyways and side streets. In another shot, a man casually talks on a payphone as a body lies at his feet. In addition, there have also been several shots of suspected gang members with their hands up against the wall being searched by police. Other Street View sightseers have spotted a van on fire, a man appearing to break into a house or a kid smoking and someone vomiting.


A man casually talked on a payphone as a body lay at his feet


One man slept on the crowded street


A van on fire


Some bodies were dead on the corner


Suspected gang members with their hands up against the wall being searched by police


A woman appeared to flash her breast to the Street View car.


Call-girls on the streets


A kid smoking what appears to be smoking addicted mediciens out of a pipe and someone vomiting



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