The Importance of Precision Components and Turned Parts

By | December 12, 2017

Precision components are applicable in all types of industries throughout the world. These include any industry from belt manufacturing to calibrating, aeronautics, space equipments, CNC machines and other manufacturing industries. Manufacturers use turned parts in making of precision controlled machines, machine tools and turning machines.


Many fields require precision components for measuring minute dimensions. Turned parts, precision machined tools and components help in quality control and calibrations. There are several advantages of these measuring tools. For instance, injection mold or thickness of small chips has minute dimensions. Today, modern precision components have digital display and provide instant readings for such small measurements.


Complicated equipment requires components of complex profile, which needs precision components for assembling them. Errors in the ordinarily turned parts become cumulative and it become impossible to assemble required part of equipment with such erroneous components. Hence, correctly turned parts are indispensable.


Some popular and widely used precision components include profilometer, visual projection machine, pin gage, sine bar, precision micrometers and dial indicator machines. All these instruments can measure accurately up to 0.002 millimeters. Precision machine tools and turned parts have low tolerance levels. With advanced technology, it is now possible to manufacture these parts and components at affordable prices.


Precision components and turned parts require application in many manufacturing fields. Even though there are many industries that manufacture these instruments and components, it is advisable to buy such precision and turned parts from well-known and reputed brands. Precision tools and turned parts are very basic and highly efficient tools. It is highly impossible to think of any industry without these tools.


There are several key manufacturers of these components such as Interapid, Etalon, Starrett, Zeiss, Meyer, Tesa, Scherr-Tumico and many others. You can browse on the internet about the countries that are chief suppliers of these turned parts and precision components. You will find the main countries to be Germany, United States, Switzerland, Japan and Sweden, United Kingdom. There are several other countries, which rank as second tier suppliers. Thus, these details will help you to find the right brand of tools and components for your industry that fit your budget.

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