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By | December 12, 2017

A common mistake made today by a large number of producers particularly in the hip-hop and R&B genre is that they fail to consider the fact that what they are attempting to do is run a professional business. They often shoot themselves in the foot while introducing themselves. I find that a lot of the time most producers feel like they have to talk like, dress like, and have the same swagger as the artists they attempt to produce for. I was at a concert this past weekend just finishing up a set, and had just set up my table to start selling my CDs. All of a sudden, a young guy who seemed to be between the age of 19 and 21 walks up and with an arrogant tone of voice begins to inform me that he’s got beats for days and that I need to holler at him. A little turned off by his arrogance, I simply handed him a business card and told him to get in touch with me. He refused my card, wrote his number on a piece of notepad paper, and insisted that I call him. I thought to myself: “what type of persuasive psychology is this?” Whatever sales technique that was, it didn’t work with me. He didn’t even present me a product that even lead me to believe he was capable of producing quality music.

First of all, with all of the new programs coming out every day and features that make it possible to make beats at the push of a button, producers are getting younger and younger everyday. While many of them are making pretty acceptable music, they are not being coached on being professional and respectable. Sure you may look like a rapper who flows over the hottest beats, but do you look like you offer a quality product? Do you talk like a business owner? Do you make me feel like I am investing in my career when I work with you, or do you just look like someone hooked you up with a pirated copy of FL Studio. All of these things must be taken into consideration when you are looking for artists to work with, (especially when you don’t have a product handy for them to hear!) This could be the reason and source of frustration for so many producers who attract mediocre clients who don’t really do justice to the beats that they make.

A lot of artists will seriously consider your appearance and attitude and use it as a determination of whether they feel you will provide them with good customer service. If you’re trying to act all hip-hop and hard-core just to get them to buy beats from you, what if there is a problem with one of the beats? What if there is some constructive criticism? Artists are going to pick someone who they feel is capable of dealing with these situations in a professional manner. They know deep down that despite their appearance and what they say on stage, they are running a professional business as well. My advice to any one trying to get started in a career as a music producer is to grow up, get professional, and let your tracks say “I The hottest beats!” Take your career seriously if you want artists to take you seriously.

Jonathan Daniel is a music producer and graphic designer who loves to share his thoughts and information with the world through his articles and blogs. To find out more about Eyebrows Productions and get information about custom music production and licensing music from Eyebrows Productions, visit the following links:

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