Training For A 5k In Five Weeks

By | December 12, 2017

Setting a goal for a competitive run can give you even more of a reason to get cardiovascular exercise. Training for a five kilometer race can be a fun and challenging process.

Though races may seem like something only an experienced runner can handle, there are a number of marathon style runs that anyone can take part it with a little effort. Even those that are not avid joggers or great at cardiovascular exercise can participate through some training and the setting of a few goals.

Probably the most important aspect of beginning a training regimen is to mentally believe that you can do it. One must prepare themselves and have determination that it can be done; otherwise, you may not be able to go through with it.

You also have to decide first what your goal is. If you are just starting to run and have not had a lot of experience, you may want to aim simply for finishing the race.

If your cardiovascular system is more fit and prepared, you can make a goal to PR, or beat your personal best. Another option is to see if you can place.

Another goal that must be made is the date in which you wish to take part in the event. Having the date marked on a calendar will make it a visual and mental goal.

It will be easier to countdown the time that you have left and make sure that you are ready when the date is approaching. Those that are just beginning to train can be ready for it within five weeks, if they take the process seriously and stay on task.

More experienced runners will most likely be prepared in less time than that, like two weeks. If you are planning on using the full five weeks to get ready, then there are a number of things that you must remember.

First off, you will definitely need to run at least three or four days each week. Those that wish to become even stronger can exercise up to five days, but you will want to start out a little bit slower if you have not been as active recently.

If the weather outside is too risky, make use of a treadmill. You can get just as good of a run on a machine as you can outdoors.

At least once a week, you should focus mainly on increasing the amount that you can run at one time, building up to at least the race distance. It is best to choose one aspect to focus on, whether it is distance or time.

If you would like to focus on the distance that you can run for an extended period of time, you will need to slowly increase that amount each week until you can run the distance of the race. You could also make time your goal; increase the time span of continued exercise until you have reached the amount that the 5k will take.

Time is a good aspect to focus on, because you can also try to decrease the amount of time that the distance you are aiming for takes. As you become quicker, you will be able to run more miles or kilometers in the same or a shorter time span.

Minutes are a gradual and self-paced increase, so you may find this to be easier and much more appropriate to your fitness level. Interval training is a great idea for individuals that are hoping to run a long-distance event.

Working out in intervals requires mixing longer, slower routines with shorter, faster paced ones. This works two different muscle groups, which supplement each other, and help you to get stronger faster.

It also helps with the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, and is great for weight loss. A very important aspect of training to participate in a 5k is creating a pace that is right for you.

If you wish to alternate between paces during the event, it is perfectly acceptable; just make sure that you are constantly keeping your heart rate up and that the cardiovascular system is being worked. Those that wish to keep an even and steady pace the entire time can make a minute goal for each mile.

Decide how long it takes to complete one mile, and then stick with that number for each span of distance. For instance, if it takes you ten minutes each time, then the race will take you a little over a half hour.

Keeping a steady pace and time count will help you stay on track. Preparing yourself to be part of a 5k is not a difficult process; all you need is a goal and the determination to get in better shape.

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