Treatment For Herpes – Discover The Difference Between Episodic And Suppressive Treatment For Herpes

By | December 12, 2017

When it comes to treatment for herpes there are not many topics that are as under mentioned within the society as the difference between episodic and suppressive treatment.
To be familiar with episodic and suppressive treatment we initially need to look a little bit at the herpes simplex virus life cycle.

After the initial infection (that is usually by way of direct skin contact with a viral shedding area) the herpes virus goes deep inside our bodies and hides in a certain part of the nervous system – determined by where the initial contamination occurred. In roughly 2 to 20 days(typically) once this original contamination takes place an outbreak erupts.
During this period the virus begins aggressively multiplying and making its way towards the outbreak location. It overwhelms the immune system due to sheer number and you start showing the noticeable symptoms of herpes – the oozing sores.

Now, episodic treatment for herpes simply means you will just use steps against the virus during this outbreak – or, if you catch on, during the prodrome. What you are doing at this point is basically attacking the virus after it has started to mount the assault against you – which also coincides with a period of bodily weakness for you.
This means that the body is weak and you are helping it out in battling the virus. However, the downside of this is that your body won’t win the struggle, it can just drive the virus back. The virus then lies hidden and waits for a new chance to attack. That is why suppressive treatment for herpes is superior and why more people ought to look into it.

Suppressive treatment means that you’re constantly taking action calculated to keep the herpes virus in check. This treatment also has the benefit that if an outbreak does happen, you are usually more able to deal with it. The virus is driven back faster AND many people think that it could even be diminished in terms of number of copies present in the body. This essentially means that over time you could have a chance to eliminate all the copies of the virus from your system.

This has not been tested however and the fact of the matter is these folks all utilize a different treatment for herpes. There are no shortcuts and you must get educated. Herpes treatment is a very active subject with numerous people fueling the fire.

What you need to take with you:

In the event you have herpes, there is hope.

What you ought to do is make the best with what you have got now and keep an eye out for promising therapies for the future.

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