Exercise all the way to good health

By | December 13, 2017

Regular exercise improves cardiovascular endurance by strengthening the heart muscles and improving the lung capacity. It helps to deliver more oxygen to various parts of the body and enables the pulmonary system to increase the amount of oxygen that the lungs can absorb. Exercise helps to lower blood pressure by decreasing the levels of total and low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and by increasing the levels of high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol (good cholesterol). This lowering of LDL and increasing of HDL reduces the risk of heart attack, coronary artery disease, and stroke.

Regular exercising is also known to reduce the risk of colon cancer and some forms of diabetes. Besides making the heart and lungs strong, exercise increases muscle power, giving people the strength to do things more easily. It also improves motion in joints. Exercise helps one to reduce weight by mobilizing extra fat from the body and allowing it to be used as energy.

By exercising, one’s muscles and joints tend to stretch, which enhances flexibility and aids in preventing injuries. Walking, jogging, and weight training help to strengthen bones, thereby preventing osteoporosis. It is advisable for people with osteoporosis to exercise regularly as it improves function and reduces pain. However, strenuous exercise such as running and jumping should be avoided as this will put unnecessary strain on the joints.

Exercise produces a sense of well-being in a person by increasing the body’s level of endorphins (chemicals in the brain that reduce pain). So besides, increasing energy levels, exercise also improves one’s mood and helps relieve depression. By improving one’s health and appearance, exercise can raise one’s self-esteem.

Exercise helps the elderly to function better and remain independent. It makes them less prone to falls and fractures. It increases appetite, reduces constipation and promotes sleep. Once a person stops exercising, the benefits he has accrued will soon ebb and vanish. Blood pressure and body fat will increase, the heart and lungs will grow weak, and HDL will drop. So, exercise as long as you can. But don’t overdo it.

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