Buying The Best Garmin Fish Finder

By | January 12, 2018

Getting a good fish finder is really as tough as finding the fish. But, Garmin fish finder products are suited to a variety of price and skill levels. Garmin makes five different fish finders, which cover the full range of requirements for nearly all fishermen.

Their cheapest model is also their entry level device. This is the Fishfinder 90. An ideal machine for the beginner as it is simple to use, but still powerful enough to be useful. Good shallow water performance with a black and white display including an automatic gain adjustment. Battery functioned with one hundred watts of power. This unit sells for around one hundred ten dollars.

The next Garmin fishfinder machine up on the scale is the Garmin fishfinder 140. This model is only slightly more expensive than the basic model selling for less than one hundred thirty dollars, but it has many other features. The biggest difference is the screen size being a much larger – 128 by 240 pixels. Moreover it has automatic re-scaling and automatic back up of adjustments.

The Model 160C is an one hundred fifty watt device with a color display screen that is properly readable during daytime. The display screen is 128 by 128 pixels. This unit is offered for approximately two hundred dollars. The next step up in price is Model 300C. This is actually the same as the 160C but using a large color display screen of 240 by 300 pixels. It additionally has a split screen option. This device is priced at about two hundred fifty dollars.

The leading edge version is the fishfinder 400C. This particular device is offered in both freshwater and saltwater version. The freshwater versions can handle up to nine hundred feet depths and the salt water products are able to penetrate as deep as fifteen hundred feet. The first one is a four hundred watt model and the latter a five hundred watt device.

A Garmin fish finder is never a bad choice and with a fishfinder GPS combo you are even better off to a great catch.

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