2006 Fifth China International Power Industry Exhibition

By | January 13, 2018

Start time: 2006-06-28 End time: 2006-06-30 Venue: Beijing Exhibition Center Contact Phone: 010-83526510 Sponsored by: Professional Committee of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce in Beijing Power Supply Association

Show Overview: 2006 China power industry promotional display of honest business activities

2006 Fifth China International Power Technology Industry Forum

Held over the same period: the Seventh China International Battery Seminar / Exhibition

(Sponsor: China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association)

Major professional exhibition China Telecom Power Supply and UPS AC power products exhibition

International Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) product technology exchange exhibition

China Power Management and Power Device Technology Conference and Exposition Calculation

China Electrical Source of energy products and network technology exhibition

China International Electronic Power Embedded and SOC Technology Conference and Exposition

China International Power Supply Monitor And Test Apparatus And Equipment Exhibition China International Electronic

Transformer And Magnetic Materials Exhibition China International Electronic power supply supporting products and manufacturing equipment exhibition

China Beijing International Saving Technology and Equipment Exhibition

Fifth China International Power Industry Exhibition & The Fifth China International Power Technology Industry Forum will be held June 28, 2006 ~ June 30 was held in Beijing Exhibition Center.

Current international power industry forum, exhibition area will reach 20000m2, 800 booths. International Power Industry Exhibition will this year host the China International Communication Power and Power Management Technology Conference and Exposition, China International Power control and test equipment and Equipment Exhibition, China International Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) technology and product exchange exhibition, and special “International Power Pavilion,” ” Taiwanese enterprises Pavilion “,” communication power supply and UPS power supply, “” Power management and power devices, “” power monitoring and testing equipment “,” electronic transformer and magnetic materials, “” electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) technology “,” Embedded and SOC Technology “eight special exhibition of the international power development, in order to build the scale of China’s power industry exhibition” No.1 “laid a solid foundation.

Since 2002, and formally joined the World Trading Organization Started the same year, the China International Power Industry Exhibition, China International Power Technology Industry Forum held for the fifth consecutive. This is to enhance exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign industry will undoubtedly have a positive role in promoting China’s power industry in the promotion of scientific and technological progress, international cooperation, market development, has made an important contribution.

China International Power Industry Exhibition and China International Power Technology Industry Forum, provides exhibitions, industry forums, international cooperation, industry recognition, information exchange and many other activities, so that the participants in a relatively concentrated period of time, get more more new information and market opportunities. To professional organizations and international cooperation, efforts to build industry- Brand Significance of technology exchange and exhibition platform, which is held for the fifth consecutive China International Power Industry Exhibition and China International Power Technology Industry Forum, in the past, today and the future direction of development efforts.

With the development of socio-economic progress in national law and policy strongly promoted in various sectors of the environment and energy industry’s constant attention, power technology and products to promote energy conservation, environmental protection and the role of renewable energy utilization will be more prominent. Therefore, not only participating in the exhibition will highlight the latest environmental and energy topics, the forum made it clear that “green energy, sustainable development, international exchanges, scientific and technological progress” theme, the professional report, according to the characteristics of the power industry, power technology products made in energy conservation and new energy to the latest achievements and future directions.

China International Power Industry Exhibition and China International Power Technology Industry Forum is a display of power products and the latest technology platform to power scientific and technological exchanges, cooperation and progress is the power industry, an important meeting and also the power supply industry Health Development of important industry events. Exhibition of all exhibitors, visit the enterprises, institutions, professionals, related industry organizations, government departments Leadership China and some foreign institutions, trade associations support and cordial attention. China International Power Industry Exhibition

been expanding in the domestic strength of enterprise and industry related organizations to assist, also received some foreign agencies in China, well-known companies and the Chamber of Commerce support. Exhibitors from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong enterprises more than ten provinces and cities, as well as from the United States, Switzerland, Germany, Japan and other countries of the well-known enterprises. Exhibition shows the new look, emphasizing the professional and industry-specific features. Established brand with significant industry expertise and product technology exchange platform for a continuous power supply industry, organized by the China International Exhibition of development.

Annual event of China International Power Industry Exhibition with International Power Technology Industry Forum, has become the Professional Committee of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Power, Beijing Power Supply Association organized two professional associations have an important symbol of industrial and trade activities.

Participate in China International Power Industry Exhibition and China International Power Technology Industry Forum and foreign enterprises: Germany Li Kang (RECOM) company, Ericsson Module Power Co., Ltd., Eaton Powerware UPS Power Supply Co., Ltd., U.S. A PC Company, Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company General Electric (China) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen City Thunder Sky Power Co., Ltd., Beijing Power Source Technology Co., Ltd., Advanced Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Capitel Art Communication Co. Ltd., Beijing KONE Central Electric Co., Ltd., in Beijing China New Industry Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Shanxi Universal Battery Industrial Co., Ltd., Beijing Branch-day Expo and a number of well-known computer technology Co., Ltd. power supply manufacturers and the U.S. CEO Club president Joe? Mancuso (Joe Mancuso) Lady Carla? Ms. Mancuso (KarlaMan-cuso) led by the United States Investment Fair Trade Delegation to China 37 people attended this session. Exhibitions will also be the American International Chamber of Commerce, the German Association for the EU and other international economic and technological exchanges and national community organizations associations fraternal associations and strong support and cooperation.

We believe in you for your participation and support of this exhibition and the forum will achieve more

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