30 Rock Rocks the House

By | January 13, 2018

Different types of shows try to do different types of things to become popular among the general TV-watching audience. For example, Law & Order tried to bring the drama behind detective and police work to life by romanticizing different cases as well as creating compelling situations for the audience and people at home to follow throughout the entire season. When it comes to Iron Chef, a cooking game show shown on the Food Network, the goal is to keep the audience interested in both the different dishes being prepared as well as with the concept of food and cooking in general. With a show like Planet Earth, the goal was to bring to life the beauty and awe of everything our planet has to offer – guided immensely when watched on a high definition set. Successfully accomplishing these broad but program-specific goals are what allow these shows to remain on TV and thrive in the terribly over-competitive and cutthroat television industry.

Comedy shows follow the same format: if they are to stay on the air and in circulation, they must accomplish what they set out to do, and make audiences laugh. Week in and week out the producers and writers for these different shows are put to the task of creating a new, unique and fresh episode – chock full of current and therefore relevant jokes – for families at home to watch and enjoy. This is an extremely difficult task that only the most skilled and witty writers are capable of executing on a weekly basis. Tina Fey and they writers for the recently hatched comedy 30 Rock have succeeded far beyond anybody’s realistic expectations for the show in the first handful of seasons. As a result, it is firing away on all cylinders and looks like it will enjoy a long life on network TV – something most shows, writers, actors and producers can only dream about.

Whether you have cable or satellite TV, 30 Rock can be seen every week on NBC. By basing the program around the ins and outs of putting together and putting on a live television show every week, 30 Rock is able to poke fun at itself and the industry it is a part of. As a result, the writers and producers are able to create humor out of realistic situations. If a cast member pranked another cast member during rehearsals that week, the joke can be inserted directly into the same, when one character pranks another character during rehearsals for the show. This creates a very interesting style of humor, and one that has captured peoples’ attention across the country.

While some shows revolve around sports and others around being watched on a high definition satellite TV, 30 Rock achieves its success through a unique setting in which it can make fun of itself. Such self-deprecating humor is a great and ingenious way of making people laugh – something that the actors and crew of 30 Rock are on the verge of perfecting.

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