Access Database Design

By | January 13, 2018

The primary thing you must do when looking at Access database design is to break down your information into different data. For instance in an invoicing scheme you are going to have to accumulate information on clients, invoices, delivery, payment, products, orders etc. These stand for individual particulars and will have sole properties. A client may have a name and address. An order should have an order number, date of order and many others. Different particulars will be stored in what are named as tables. You would have a table for customer, invoice and many more. You also require a way to connect these tables or particulars together and this is completed with something known as keys. An order might be connected to a client via a client id key field.

The most excellent method is to test with breaking down particulars and connecting. It is significant that this step is completed properly as it could impact your database very much if there are problems. Picture only being capable to connect a solitary order to a customer when in actuality that client could have a lot of instructions. These problems must be ironed out during the Access database design stage.

Do you desire the system to mechanically delete related records or would you like to manage this manually yourself. There are cons and pros to doing this. It is likely to put the MS Access database to do what is called as cascading deletes. Essentially if you eliminate a client then this would eliminate all their relating orders. You might wish to keep the commands and have additional control over this procedure.

In Access you have the aptitude to make a major form which will show a solitary record. You can also make an MS Access sub form which would show multiple records. You would require tables for both these forms and a method of connecting them jointly. A good instance of a major and sub form is a client and order. One client would be shown as a solitary record in the major form and a lot of orders shown in the connected MS Access sub form. A particular important feature of Access database design is that you must not have repeating information. For instance you would not want to stock up numerous instances of a national assurance number or even the full name of an individual

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