Basketball Backboards – Why a Basketball Hoop is a Great Investment For Your Home

By | January 13, 2018

When people think of things to spruce up their home, their minds usually turn immediately to roofing, landscaping, and trim. Basketball backboards don’t immediately come to mind. Which is unfortunate, because besides just helping the front of your home look a lot better, having an in ground basketball hoop installed at your abode has a lot of functional benefits as well.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider the installation of an permanent basketball backboard for your next home improvement project.

Exercise – One of the most obvious benefits of having a basketball backboard at home is exercise. Basketball is an extremely active game, and just spending a few minutes on your home court shooting around on your basketball backboard will make you notice a big difference in your waistline. Since basketball also works your legs with jumping and run and works your arms whenever you shoot the ball, you’ll notice a lot better tone in those areas as well.

Great Family Time – It can sometimes be difficult to know how to invest in quality time with your family, especially when you want to keep the entertainment budget tight. This is another reason why the installation of a basketball backboard is a great idea. It gives you and your family a reason to hang out together and just shoot some hoops. Sports are an effective and proven way to bond with your family.

Makes Your Home a Social Place – Sports really bring people together, as you will quickly see when you install you install your in ground basketball backboard. It will be easy to organize pickup basketball games on your block. If you have children who are interested in sports, it will be a great place for them to practice their shot or just play around with their friends.

Better Curb Appeal – A home with an in ground basketball backboard in the driveway just looks friendlier and more inviting. You might even think about buying a basketball hoop that comes with a bolt plate, such as Goalrilla or Mammoth, so that you can either move with the basketball hoop if you ever leave or simply give the next resident the option of removing it.

Of course, you shouldn’t buy just any old basketball backboard in order to spruce up your home. There are countless basketball brands out there, and some are better than others. Educating yourself on the best deals on basketball goals will help ensure that you save the most possible amount of money when buying your system.

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Product Description
If you want the convenience of playing your favorite game at your own home, you’re ready to invest in a basketball backboard and rim. You’ll be very pleased with the quality of Lifetime’s basketball backboard and rim combo. Our Acrylic Fusion Backboard with Slam-It Rim is a great- looking combo, made from high-impact polyethylene plastic with a spring-back action rim and all-weather nylon net. Our basketball backboard and rim combo is weather resistant so the awesome graphics on this basketball backboard and rim will look like new for many years to come. Use our Backboard Mounting Kit to mount backboard and rim to a wall, roof, or existing 3.5 inch pole. For adjustable height, use our Quick Adjust Conversion Kit to mount it to a wall or a 3.5 inch pole . If replacing an existing backboard, please call an online sales representative at 1-800-225-3865 to verify compatibility. Made in the USA.

Lifetime Acrylic Fusion Backboard with Slam-It Rim

The Lifetime Acrylic Fusion Backboard and Rim combo matches a durable, acrylic, shatterproof backboard with a Slam-It rim that can handle your meanest slam dunk. The rim utilizes double-compression springs to offer spring-back action and the backboard includes a strong, high-impact polyethylene frame and fade-resistant graphics. An all-weather, heavy-duty nylon net rounds out the package. The backboard can be mounted to a wall, a roof, or an existing 3.5-inch pole. The mounting kit is sold separately. With a five year limited warranty, this backboard/rim combo is built to last.

The Slam-It Rim has double-compression springs for spring-back action.
  • Dimensions: 44 by 33 by 2 inches (WxHxD)
  • Blow-bolded high-density polyethylene frame with frame pad
  • Clear 0.08-inch (2.25-millimeter) EM5 Acrylic playing surface
  • Five year limited warranty
Black Slam-It Rim
  • Diameter: 18 inches (45.7 centimeters)
  • 5/8 inch solid steel construction
  • 1/2 inch steel wrap-around bracing
  • Double-compression springs
  • 2.5-ounce all-weather net

Price: $77.90
  • 44" x 30" Shatterproof Fusion Back Board with Black Slam-It Rim and all-weather net
  • Can be mounted on a wall, roof, eave, or pole using a universal mounting bracket; Mounting bracket sold separately
  • Compatible with most Lifetime basketball systems; Please call 1-800-225-3865 to check compatibility
  • Rim features solid steel construction and bracing with double compression springs
  • Five year limited warranty; mounting kit sold separately

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