Bear at Ahtari Zoo practises yoga

By | January 13, 2018

The images of a brown female bear doing yoga postures surprise a lot of visitors to Ahtari Zoo in Finland. The bear named Santra has the habit of practising various postures in the early morning. Meta Penca, a 29-year-old web programmer from Slovenia, managed to capture images of this yoga bear during her visit to Ahtari Zoo. Through the pictures, Santra performs seven postures such as lifting the right or left leg, holding both big feet, and stretching her legs in a V position. It is thought that the bear’s yoga stretching routine is not only to the delight of visitors but also to keep herself sane. Within a 15-minute performance, Santra shows off her flexibility and balance in yoga.


The bear Santra, which lives at Ahtari Zoo in Finland, is performing a leg right stretch in a morning


Santra performs a variation with the left leg


She is raising her right leg again



Santra stretches her legs in a V position with her hands


The female bear manages to keep balanced within one or two minutes, which is a hard posture in yoga



Santra’s yoga performances to delight the visitors usually last at least 15 minutes


A seated head-to-foot posture


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