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By | January 13, 2018

I can’t possibly explain the importance of helping your country during these bad economic times; when you buy American goods and services you support your country. Everybody wants to see the country get back to business as usual again.

I don’t think that one single true American person wants to see the country doing poorly. As American citizens one thing that you can do is to always look for the “Made In The USA” tag on the things that you buy, this keeps our people working, and our American businesses thriving.

When you insist on buying products that are imported form other countries, you insist on helping their country rather then ours.

When you do this you help foreign businesses thrive, and you help them keep their people working, and their is nothing wrong with that, if you country is doing well economically.

We have all heard the slogan buy American, it has never meant more then it does right now. So please people I implore you to look for the Made In The USA tag, and buy products with that tag as often as you can, American made goods and services are the high quality you can get.

The more that you insist on buying American goods and services, that faster our country will make a comeback.

If you notice it is really hard to find any products in the country that have that special tag on them, this is because people quit buying things with that tag, and it has went away over time.

But if you insist on buying American goods and services, there will be companies out there that start to produce American products again.

We need to rebuild the industry in this country again, and if we continue to import everything, we will only build the industry in other countries.

Yes we do need to have a certain amount of good that are imported from other places, but the majority of the items sold in this country should be American made products.

We need to look out for number one before we look out for the rest of the world. If you have ever been in a Wal-Mart in your life, and you have looked for a made in the USA, I’m 100% sure that you didn’t find it.

The products were all made in China, or some other country. Remember if doesn’t save money when you have to buy the same thing time and time again when it breaks on you.

When you go shopping look proudly for the Made In The USA” tag, and buy that product whenever possible.

If you have to pay a few more cents to a dollar for the product, just think of it as doing your country a favor, think of it as helping you country to pull out of the funk it’s in.

Always remember that when the country pulls out of the funk that it’s in does not mean that it’s time to quit buying American products, it does not mean that it’s time to give up. You should always buy American goods and services whenever possible.
Buy American

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