Centerpiece Vessels With Flair

By | January 13, 2018

Just as the name suggests, the centerpiece is the center of it all. It sits right in the middle of your wedding reception tables, and it is the central design element around which the rest of the tablescape is designed. Because of this, it is well worth a little extra effort and creativity to create centerpieces with great style and unique details. Certainly the floral arrangement is important, but did you know that you can get an even more impressive effect by choosing centerpiece vessels with flair?

The really neat part about adding style and interest to your centerpiece vessels is that it can often be done quite easily. There are two basic routes to take. The first is to select containers that are in and of themselves out-of-the-ordinary. In some cases this can be a fun and affordable diy project, in other instances it might mean renting very costly but fabulous vases. The other option is to start with a standard glass vase and add your own personal touch to take it from basic to breathtaking.

When you are looking for ideas on how to make your centerpiece vessels special and unique, think about the general style of your wedding. Are you being married barefoot on the beach with a short dress and funky handcrafted bridal jewelry? Or will you be wed in a big city loft, complete with trendy bridal jewelry and a handcrafted gown from an emerging designer? Once you have identified your style, you can begin to play around with options for adding flair to your centerpiece design.

One of the easiest ways to enhance your vessels is to start with very simple clear glass vases. The most versatile shapes are the medium to tall cylinders or squares. Shaped or fluted vases will be more limiting. Now think about the rest of your wedding style. Let’s say that you are having a beach wedding. A very cool detail is to line the interior of each vase with large tropical leaves. Wrap the leaves around the inside so that they completely cover the view of the water and stems. The visual effect will be as if the centerpieces were actually created from leaves in an architectural shape. So easy, and yet so striking.

There is a big trend in wedding centerpieces right now to explore options beyond traditional bouquets of flowers. This lends itself perfectly to the idea of making your vessels a focal point. Using a low square or round clear glass vase, fill the vessel almost to the top with the material of your choice. It could be sand, smooth black river rocks, or even bright green pebbles. Then place a coordinating element on top. For the sand, it could be a starfish or a votive candle, on top of the river rocks a single perfect flower bloom, or a bright pink gerbera daisy as a pop of color on the green pebbles. For even more impact, group your centerpieces in sets of three on each table.

Another great way to add flair to your vessels is to consider materials that are not typically used for wedding centerpieces. Basic box shaped containers wrapped in beautiful origami paper are delicate and feminine. Rough hewn wooden boxes are earthy and more masculine. Or even think about filling a wide bowl with an abundance of fresh spring lilacs for a simple garden wedding. Other creative ideas for centerpiece vessels include copper tea kettles, decoupage vases, or one-of-a-kind antique store finds. Have some fun choosing centerpiece vessels that will make a statement and add instant style to your wedding reception.

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