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By | January 13, 2018

If you prefer to wear a blouse, then choose the shirts, which are, with an overlap, and that ends below the waist line.

Think about how to drop the belt on the skirts and pants below the waist

If you wear seat belts, they should match the color of the upper part of the
fashion women shoes – it adds to your body 2-5 cm) 

If you have slim hips, you can try to put wide elastic waistband with one or two 2-5 cm below the waist. And when your shirt will be worn with an overlap, then this zone will seem real waistline from

Wear a narrow belt or chain on the hips, that visually lengthen the body. But if you have curvy hips, choose a belt to match the suit and not lower it too low, you do not need a horizontal line at the widest part of your body. With belts in general should be cautious. The cut of a suit should not emphasize your flaws.

Long legs always look good pants, but did not shorten his legs are too long upper part of the costume. Remember that the longer the upper part, the shorter the bottom.

“Nevis” offers you a collection of dresses of 2010 and business sundresses fashion season “Winter 2011”.

Business women who prefer pants dresses and skirts, also opt for sundresses. And this is understandable as a sundress thing easy and moreover, the actual in 2011.

Tunics and dresses in 2011 have strict silhouette: corset, vest, or a neckline “top” and narrowed her skirt. Winter 2011 tunics and dresses often borrow from the “bottom” from the actual skirt-tulip.

As for fabrics, it is a natural cotton, rayon, and versace shoes for women. Colors often monotonous, or with understated figure, such as strip. Tone for the models sundresses calm, classic colors – black, gray, beige, blue. Length sundress or dress up to knee level or slightly above it. Excessively short or long tunics and dresses are not acceptable for business style. If you have a soft spot for the length of a mini or maxi, leave these models for leisure time.

Sundress – it is an excellent and prada shoes for men alternative, leaving a large field variations. It is a combination of sundress with all kinds of blouses, shirts, badlonami, shirts and blouses. With the help of variation of winter sundress with a “top” you’ll look every day in

Our company offers fashionable dresses and tunics wholesale in this range that each shopper will find a good option.

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