Comparing Nook and Kindle

By | January 13, 2018

Kindle wins

1. Price: the Nook WiFi is worth $ 149; the Kindle WiFi costs $ 10 less.
2. Page turn and navigation speeds: The Kindle WiFi is very fast. The Nook WiFi, on the other hand, still suffers from slow page turns and sluggish menu navigation.
3. Battery life: The Kindle WiFi can last up to a month on a single charge with the wireless off; the Nook WiFi has only 10 days of battery life.
4. Memory space: The new Kindle has onboard memory that’s twice as large as the Nook’s. Its 4GB internal memory can store up to 3500 pages; the Nook can carry up to 1500 ebooks at a time only. 
5. Better PDF support: On the Kindle WiFi, you can annotate and highlight PDF files and access the built-in dictionary. The device can also open password-protected PDF files.

6. Changeable line spacing: You can adjust the line spacing to match your comfort level. There are three choices available: small, medium, and large.
7. Multiple language support: The Kindle WiFi supports multiple languages. It can display texts in Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Latin, Greek, and more. 
8. Word document support: The device can display Microsoft Word documents.
9. Accessibility: The Kindle WiFi does not only read out loud ebooks. Its text-to-speech function is now extended to all menus and text descriptions.
10. Lighter: The new Kindle WiFi weighs 8.5 ounces; the Nook WiFi weighs 11.6 ounces.
11. Thinner: With its super slim girth of 0.34 inches, the device is easier to hold than any other eReader. The Nook WiFi is significantly thicker at 0.50 inches.


Nook wins

1. ePub support: Open ecosystem enables the device to display both Adobe DRM-protected and non-DRM protected ebooks. Open format also means you’re not tied to a single store for buying ebooks.
2. Expansion slot: The Nook WiFi has a microSD card slot; the Kindle has none.
3. Library ebooks: With the Nook WiFi, you can borrow library ebooks via

4. LendMe Feature: The Nook eReader lets you share books with your friends. Through this feature, you can lend publisher-approved books to other people for up to 14 days.
5. Web access: The Nook’s web browser works over WiFi network. Turns out the Kindle browser enables almost full web browsing. We still think the B&N Nook has a better browsing experience, Based on the Kindle’s older model.
6. Customizable screen saver: You can easily personalize the Nook WiFi by replacing the default screen saver with your own photo.

7. User-accessible battery: The Kindle’s battery is still not user-replaceable.
8. Aesthetic appeal: The Nook WiFi comes with a 3.5″ supplementary color touchscreen. It works with the main eInk screen very well in providing breezy navigation. The color panel also displays library and bookstore books by cover.

9. Retail presence: You can try the Nook WiFi at a BestBuy or a Barnes & Noble store before deciding to buy.
10. Chess and Sudoku: The two games are excellent for passing time – when you’re not in the mood for reading.


Kindle and Nook Tie

1. Free WiFi access in all AT&T hotspots in the US: Both offers easy and free access to AT&T WiFi network for wireless browsing and shopping of books.
2. Readability:  Both devices offer 16 level grayscales. Contrast is excellent; texts stand out better against white background, thanks to their black border.
3. Compact size: Both offer 6-inch eInk screen and roughly the same chassis. The Nook WiFi measures 7.7 x 4.9 inches, while the Kindle WiFi measures 7.5 x 4.8 inches.
4. Text resizing: The Nook WiFi offers 5 font size options; the Kindle WiFi, 6 font sizes.
5. Changeable font type: Both support 3 font types. The Kindle WiFi has Caecelia, Condensed, and Sans-serif fonts. The Nook WiFi supports Amasis, Light Classic, and Helvetica Neue.
6. Quick page turn by hard key: Page turn buttons quickly responds to presses. 
7. Automatic syncing: The devices automatically synchronize last page reads across multiple devices. 
8. Cross-platform transferability: Both the Kindle and the Nook have their own respective eReader apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Mac, and PC.
9. One-handed use. Page turn buttons on both sides of the screen allows one-handed reading.
10. Simple to use: The devices work out of the box – no installation required.


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