Fun and Creative Uses For Your Old Book Collection

By | January 13, 2018

If you’re an avid reader or you’ve had a big collection of books growing over the years from relatives and kids, chances are they’re sitting in a box somewhere taking up valuable space in a basement, closet, or attic. Although you may not be interested in reading them, there are plenty of other uses for your old books around the house as decorative pieces. By taking some of these ideas into consideration – you can clear out that storage space while giving your home a creative, personalized touch.

• If you’ve ever liked the idea of having a “secret door” in your home, the solution may be behind (literally) your large collection of books. By covering the entire side of one of the doors in your home with bookshelves, you can glue books into place so that they won’t fall off every time the door is opened or closed. By leaving a discrete, but accessible, space for a door knob or handle – you’ve put a unique and creative spin on an office or study room’s door. By adding other “knick knacks” to the shelves, you can create the true feeling of a bookshelf right on the door itself. Just be sure to glue everything down so that the quick swing of the door won’t send anything flying.

• If you have a variety of paperback books, you can create some creative and one of a kind artwork that’s great for living room, home offices, or even bedrooms. By cutting covers apart and gluing them onto a canvas, you’ll be able to truly have control over what your finished product looks like. By keeping with your “book” theme, you can even tear pages out of the books for fillers behind the covers. If you’d like it to have a more “worn” look to it, instead of grabbing a pair of scissors, just rip the pieces with your hands. You’ll end up with more random pieces and the edges won’t look so “clean cut”. Once you’ve finished, frame the finished product and hang it wherever you’d like or give it as a gift to a book worm.

• If most of the books you’ve seemed to collect over the years are hardbacks, you can create some unique mantle end pieces out of them. Hardbacks are good at standing up on their own, so they’ll work better for this project than most paperbacks. By gluing various sized books together, you’ll end up with a modern looking decorative piece for your mantle. By making one for each side, you can create a coordinated look in your living room or dining room. Aside from gluing the books themselves together, placing a dab of glue in the middle of the books themselves will help keep them from spreading apart on the shelves over time.

So whether you’re an avid reader looking to find uses for your hundreds of old books or a loved one has left you with their old collection, brush the dust off of the boxes and get those creative juices flowing. Book accent pieces make great additions to studies, dens, guest rooms, living rooms, and even bedrooms. Sure, you could lug the box down to a local thrift store and give them away – but getting the most out of the “clutter” in your home will help you feel like you truly put your old books to good use.

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