Lightning Davis signed the first rookie catcher for the team to name the

By | January 13, 2018

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Catcher Craig Davis (Craig Davis) received a five-year contract to become the Lightning since 2001 San Diego, the second report on time to the first rookie training camp.

Rookies and some veteran players in the July 24 Daily News that, and began training in the 25 remaining players will be old to 27 daily, 28 July a first team training.

In addition to Davis, the team selected in the third round linebacker Anthony Waters (Anthony Waters), the fifth-round pick tight end Raj degree Nani (Legedu Naanee), the seventh round of elections The linebacker Brandon Shearer (Brandon Siler) and fourth-round pick in the by-election cornerback Auster Oliver (Paul Oliver), have signed a four-year contract with the Lightning. Tight end Scott Chandler (Scott Chandler) signed in June and the team for four years. Team defender in the second round pick Eric wien (Eric Weddle) has become the only team not to sign with the Lightning rookie.

Davis in April’s draft chart at No. 30 overall pick, his agent, Joel West (Joel Segal) said: “The report on time to training camp is very important for Craig He made it clear that he did not want to drag me, and now this contract, whether he is on the Lightning on very good terms. “Davis also did not comment on the times. In the first comment.

Davis, Louisiana State University in 44 games in 25 career starts, then pass through the 141 completed 2107 yards and 7 touchdowns, his team took over a promising group of lightning the key players. Several of the team is young catcher is mediocre, Keenan Maike Ka Dyer (Keenan McCardell) was fired after the state of decline, whether he played a week starting in Eric Parker (Eric Parker) last season had not even completed a touchdown.

Following the 2001 Curtis Conway (Curtis Conway), the San Diego catcher flash to no access in the team’s leading pass technical statistics. Since that time, then pass in the team standings is the leading league Most Valuable Player last season, Tomlinson Lada Bennion (LaDainian Tomlinson), and the all-star tight end Antonio Aogai Ci (Antonio Gates .)

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