MoreWorld is continually developing products to make doing business less expensive for small busines

By | January 13, 2018

MoreWorld is continually developing products to make doing business less expensive for small businesses and more convenient for their customers. MoreWorld has designed each of their products to help increase business and simultaneously cut costs. These products make it less expensive to find potential customers and to turn those potentials into paying customers. MoreWorld advertising options provide an inexpensive way to target serious customers near a business. MoreWorld products, like the appointment maker, make it easy to finish a sale weather it is your customer’s first visit or 100th visit.

Sponsored Search Advertising

Sponsored search advertisements appear at the top of our search results pages. These ads appear at the top of any search including our service search, product search and company search.

Our sponsored search advertising uses Pay-Per-Click technology to guarantee results on your ads. Pay-Per-Click technology only charges you when one of your ads is clicked. This means you only pay for your ads when a serious customer is seeking more information on your service, product or company.

Our monthly budget allows you to control how much you are willing to spend on advertising each month. Additionally, your budget will be evenly distributed over the entire month. Our sponsored search advertising is a cost effective way to increase your visibility to interested customers near you.

3rd Party Advertising

Do you want your company to appear in the sponsored ad section on Google and Yahoo? Let us do it for you. When you enroll in our 3rd party advertising we will advertise your company on these 3rd party search engines. Use these major search engines to target customers within 30 miles of your business who are actively searching for your company. Customers can click through the ad to view your company’s detailed information, including your product and service menu. Our professionals will set up a customized advertising campaign to get you the most customers for your dollar. Additionally we will waive the $ 50 setup fee if you pay for your first 6 months up front.

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