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By | January 13, 2018

The Web is offering opportunities for public speakers to sell things online. Not only can they sell the things they always sold off-line, they can sell “info products” and services. The fact that electronic products cost virtually nothing to duplicate and deliver opens many previously unknown opportunities.

As a public speaker, you are already getting a large fraction of your income selling physical products. You can sell these physical products online. You can sell the same things you sell off-line. You can sell tickets to your live speeches and live seminars. You can sell your books. You can sell audio recordings of your speeches and seminars. You can sell DVDs of your speeches and seminars.

With the web, you can sell print-on-demand books. A print-on-demand book, as the name says, is only printed when an order is submitted. This eliminates a great deal of risk and inventory expense.

Now you can also sell e-products. You can sell products for download. You can sell eBooks in PDF format. You can sell audio and video files of your speeches and seminars. You can sell video slide shows — video files of a sequence of images with your voice over.

You can sell products that arrive in a series of emails. You can sell subscriptions to your ezine. You can sell home study e-learning courses, which are like limited-duration, canned ezines: the lessons arrive every few days in emails.

You can sell attendance at your teleseminars. When people sign up, they are given an access code and phone number. At the proper time, they dial a phone number, supply the access code, and listen to the seminar. They can look at slides and get handouts online.

You can sell attendance at webinars. Webinars are very much like teleseminars, except that attendees can listen to and watch a real time slide show over the Internet.

You can sell membership in your private, members only web site. At the web site they have free access to your downloadable products that they otherwise would have to pay for. They can read your private blog. They can read and post items on a private forum. They get access to other members-only benefits, such as private consultations with you over the phone.

The electronic products don’t cost anything to duplicate, so they are ideal candidates for give-aways, that is to say, products you exchange for something other than money. You can offer them as bonuses when people buy some other of your products. You can offer them in exchange for letting you put them on your mailing list. (Ezines and eCourses are ideal for this.) You can offer them in exchange for good will and remaining attentive members of your mailing list. You gain a great deal of your income from relationship marketing, which is built on ongoing positive interactions with the people on a mailing list.

The best news is that all that you require to offer these products and services is available on the web, inexpensively and not requiring much expertise to use.

For more information, visit the Online Money-making Opportunity web site, a growing collection of eCourses, eBooks, and “mini-zines” showing speakers, writers, and self-employed professionals how to “monetize” the web. The collection is being gathered and maintained by Dr. Christopher, a Colorado public speaker and seminar leader.

Product Description
Wireless Connectivity: Wi-Fi &Bluetooth 4.2
- Wi-Fi Streaming via Airplay/DLNA in high quality within a wifi range of up to 160 feet.
- Bluetooth 4.2: simply press a button to switch among the different play modes.

- Only connects to the network (2.4GHz).
- Wi-Fi repeater function (WPA2 security): password can be changed via the app.

Integrated Alexa Voice Service
Just tap the speaker to ask Alexa a question, Such as "What's the weather today?"

More intergrated online Streaming Service
in the GGMM E-Series APP there are certified online Streaming Service such as Spotify, Tidal, Napster, TuneIn, iHeartRadio;
Play music from audio sources, free your mobile devices

Multi Room Play & L/R/Stereo Channel:
- At least 2 Speakers (max 16) can be played in several rooms with the same / different music controlled via the GGMM E-Series App.
- Speakers can be set up in separate L/ R channels to create a surround sound
- Connect up to 16 speakers.
- Multiroom function or separate L/R channels setup are ONLY compatible with GGMM E-series speakers

Great Sound Quality
10W power and 2.0 channel offers rich, clear and powerful surrounding sound

Stream Your Favorite Music:
Saving 6 favorite channels by the GGMM E-Series app (free in App Store and Google Play) or pressing the favorite button on the speaker.
Simply press the button to change the channels

GGMM E2 supports online update. GGMM keeps updating the E2 with features, service and skills. Always getting smarter and better.

Compact and convenient
With its compact design and built-in 2200mAh lithium battery, GGMM E2 used for both indoors and outdoors for 14 hours of playtime.

Hands-free Call
in Bluetooth mode

Price: $55.95
  • Alexa Enabled: Just tap the voice button and connects to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, make calls, send and receive messages, provide information, news, sports scores, weather, and more-instantly.
  • Two Wireless Modes: 5 hours playing ime in WiFi mode, 14 hours playing time in bluetooth mode.Recommend to coneect to WiFi mode in indorr use, connect to bluetooth mode in outdoor use.
  • 10W Stereo Speaker: Mini size, 2*5W powerful driver provides rich and clear stereo sound.
  • Multiroom Play: Using 2 or more GGMM E series speaker can build a multiroom to play different songs or the same song in different rooms. Can add up to 16 speakers at the same time.
  • Online Streaming and Preset Chaneel: Unlimited online streaming services in the GGMM E series APP like Spotify certified, Tidal, Napster, TuneIn, iHeartRadio. Can preset up to 6 favorite channels.

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