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By | January 13, 2018

Yes guys, it’s possible to pull girls with ease, and it simply does not matter what you look like or how old you are. I’m a very skinny guy and in my thirties, I hadn’t even kissed a girl up until two years ago, I used to be an AFC (Average Frustrated Chump). However now I’m successful with women each time I go out to a bar or club, and I have absolutely no difficulty when I try to pull women. All because I discovered a secret underground society that had a simple method to pull girls.

These guys known as Pick-Up Artists (PUAs) know exactly how to pulls girls, I’ve learned from them and I am now considered a master Pickup Artist. I currently have six MLTR (multiple long-term relationships) and so many phone numbers that I don’t know what to do with them. The key point here… it is definitely possible to learn how to pull girls, there is a system that anyone can apply.

My journey started out by reading a book which exposed me to the secrets of this underground society and their undercover techniques and methods to pull girls.

I began to implement the strategies from this book and before I knew it, I was able to approach women, without the fear of knowing what to say. I was confident that I could pull girls and this showed, and even when I wasn’t feeling confident inside, it still came across to the ladies that I was a very confident man because of a secret strategy I used whilst approaching them. What is this secret strategy? Simple… approach within three seconds of seeing your ideal woman. Why? This portrays mega-confidence and you won’t psyche yourself out.

I learned how to approach mixed groups of people too, both men and women. I had practised routines and lines that would enable me to interact and engage with all of them, and eventually pull girls from these groups. I had lines and routines for everything, lines to pull my desired woman away from a group with all of her friends acceptance, routines to make her feel attracted to me, to make her want me, to get her to give-up her phone number, to make her kiss me. Before I knew it, I found it way too easy to pull girls, it had become an art form that I could turn on and off at will.

The basic premise to pull girls is to FMAC, Find them, Meet them, Attract them and Close them. When starting out this could mean simply approaching a female and gaining attraction, advancing to a simple email close or a number close, then eventually at the very least aiming for a kiss close. When I pull girls these days I aim for nothing but a final close (which I’m sure you can imagine what that involves!).

How long did my journey take? I was able to get kiss closes with ease within a month, and final closes not long after. I’ve heard of guys who picked this up much quicker than me and some guys who took a little longer to learn how to pull girls. Most importantly though, the secret society is not just about how to pull women, it’s about improving yourself and becoming the best person that you can be, both to yourself and to others.

Want to know exactly how to pull girls? Then you need to improve your knowledge of the secret PUA society on how to pull girls.


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