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By | January 13, 2018

Model railways can be a very rewarding hobby and the great thing is you do not need a lot of money or space to set up your first kit. Because model railways are so popular there is a wide range of different kits and accessories available to buy.  This gives you a lot of choice when it comes to building your own modern railway whether you want to build it from scratch or buy a ready-made kit.

Choosing a Model Railway Kit

If you are just getting started in model railways then it can be confusing working out which set would be best for you.  You do need to consider your budget, experience and age when you are choosing a set. Some options can be very difficult to put together and can be too time consuming for many people and not suitable for children. When you are selecting a train set don’t forget to think about who it is for and whether they are interested in any specific types of railway machinery.

” Sets for Children – when you are choosing a train set for children you do need to pick an option that will be durable and also interesting. There is not point spending a lot of money on a model railway set that children will quickly become bored with. A set that involves lots of historical detail but only operates on one single looped track will not hold a child’s attention. However a track that can be added to and diverted with sidings and offers lots of different train and wagon options will be much more interesting for children. It can be lots of fun shunting wagons and loading/offloading them so make sure you select a kit that comes with the option of extra track packs and wagons. Passenger train sets will not be very interesting for children. Hornby and Bachmann both manufacture good freight track options which are ideal for older children. Younger children will enjoy the fun Thomas the Tank Engine sets that are available (also from Hornby).

” Sets for Teenagers – teenagers will just be starting to appreciate the finer details of model railways and may have already developed some preferences for the time period or type of trains they like. A good starting point for teenagers is a quality historic train set with a famous model such as the Flying Scotsman or Royal Scot. This will engage a teenager’s interest not just in the ornamentation of the kit but also in the history and background of the train and the era they were designed in. Another benefit of buying a quality train set is that if the teenager does move on to other interests the model trains can still be used as ornaments as they are so finely detailed and well made. Hornby produce the Flying Scotsman set which has become one of the best-selling train sets on the market and this is ideal for teenagers as it offers plenty of scope for extension in the future with the additional track and building packs. Good quality historical train sets are also ideal for adults as they offer a comprehensive range of building options so that you can slowly extend your model railway to a fully functioning, historical accurate model railway.

Modelrailshop.co.uk can supply the widest range of model railway products, including ratio kits and wills kits , allowing you to create models exactly how you want and for a great price.

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