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By | January 13, 2018

If all schools and college campuses are the same, attendances will have little inspiration to come to learn each day. It is questioned that the inside inferior plays an important role in school design or not. In fact, there is no reasons why the school campuses should always be boring and bland all the time. As a matter of fact, there are a number of schools and universities around the world which feature impressive campuses and learning environments. Let’s travel to incredible designs which give all generations of students the creative and artistic inspirations.


University of California, Los Angeles


The University of California is built according to Romanesque Revival style. Especially, Powell Library, completed in 1929, resembles ancient Roman basilica.


University of Coimbra, Portugal


The University of Coimbra, found in 1290 and located in Coimbra, serves as a studying campus and the oldest institution of its kind in Europe and main tourist attraction of the city.


University Free of Berlin, Germany


Free University of Berlin in Germany owns an impressive library which is designed as a human brain and built with beautiful glass panes.


University of Glasgow, Scotland


University of Glasgow is the fourth oldest university in the United Kingdom. The England’s leading university not only has international reputation for teaching and researching but also owns the oldest public museum in Scotland.


Harvard University


As the top university in the world, Harvard University provides cozy and academic setting for all students.


University of Oxford


In the picture is Radcliffe Reading Rooms in University of Oxford. The second largest library in Britain was completed in 1749 according to Palladian style structure.


Moscow State University, Russia


Moscow State University among the Seven Sisters features the giant Communist-style statues on terraces and portals


Princeton University, America


Found in 1746, the 600-acre Princeton University  is the most beautiful campus in New York thanks to Georgian and Gothic architectural styles.


University of Vermont, America


Situated at Burlington, Vermont, the historic University of Vermont campus covers the area of 451 acres.


University of Zurich, Switzerland


University of Zurich in Switzerland displays an impressive library of the faculty of law.


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