Tron “?” The Legend On Graphics And Soundtrack

By | January 13, 2018

Tron, a film produced by Disney in 1982 was a flop initially. But later it started to create a fanbase for itself and marched it into the 21st century. Now the sequel for the movie is announced and the role of the lead actor will be played by Garrett Hedlund. And also the stars who acted in the original version will also make an appearance.

Tron was the first film of its kind. It is based on the story of the world located inside a computer and fighting for its freedom. The film is even fresh today, thanks for the creativity it had on the sets and the graphics. It even pulls the modern audiences of the 21st century. Even after all these years Tron has not aged at all.

When compared to modern day films like Avatar Tron has some sharp edges on the graphics, but again considering the time it produced the work was awesome. It was full of colors with beautiful retro video games design and great sound effects.
Tron Legacy soundtrack is considered to be one of the best soundtracks at that time. Tron is also the first movie to be produced on the basis of computer and video game fantasy.

Trons beauty is within its coloured frames and their dark backgrounds. These kind of design is there in many of the major video games of the 1980s. But now with the recent developments in graphics the legend of Tron is definitely going to be a visual treat.

The recent development in special effects and graphics has made anything possible. And this has been confirmed in the preview of Tron that is displayed in comin con in San Diego. After watching the preview one can be sure that the Legend Tron is going to be equally good as other modern day films. is one such website where one can watch Tron Legacy Soundtrack and know more things about Tron.

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