What Is Gonna Onin Egypt Right Now ?!!!!!

By | January 13, 2018

Hello everybody, I know that big number of you keep wondering what is gonna on in Egypt, this country we have visited and enjoyed her before, what is gonna on with her kind people ?!!
And today I bring you the answers from the heart of the event…
First let us start with the reasons of this suddenly uprising in Egypt… why the Egyptians got angry and went out to the streets?!

1 – Egypt suffers 30 years rule by president Mubrak, even he still has good popularity but it is not a secret that this popularity has declined within the latest 10 years

2 – The big number of unemployed youth which is common problem all over the world even in Europe and US

3 – Demands to amend the constitution to meet the rising needs to democracy

4 – Poverty problems which widely common in all the growing societies

5 – The not accepted ways which police follow to treat the crisis

All these important reasons pushed the Egyptian people to go out in the streets and especially Tharir square asking to fall down the political order within peaceful demonstrations

So what we can see clearly from these reasons that Egyptian people are very very civilized people and they are aware about their rights in better life and not less than the people in US and Europe anyway, actually this sounds very normal for the oldest civilization in the history
Egypt which was founded before 7000 years are not less any other country in the world and deserves all the best

Egypt will be better and better in the next time you come to visit…

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information about Egypt nowadays

Note: actually I know well that in language we use pronoun ” it ” when we talk about cities and countries .. But I found it unsuitable at all to talk about great Egypt with this pronoun and preferred to use “her”


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