Woodworking at Home is an American Tradition

By | January 13, 2018

DIY woodworking at home is one of the longstanding pasttimes of handymen, schoolboys and DIY experts right across America. Nothing quite compares to the sense of achievement you get when you say, “I built that,” to your friends and family. In our modern, fast paced, busy lifestyle, woodworking is one of those hobbies that still holds a great appeal in the hearts and minds of home DIY experts and teenagers alike. Woodworking requires patience and concentration in a world where all too often those things are put aside.

Working with wood develops character and provides valuable experience.

Ask any former carpenter what they enjoyed most about their working life and most likely they will open up with great stories about the amazing feeling they had when working with fine lumber. Wood has a special feel to it that no other kind of material has. The look, feel and even the smell of freshly milled or sawn timber gives the worker a sense that they are really working with something unique. This special nature of wood is often enhanced through the use of woodstains, paints and polyurethane resins which preserve the fresh look of the timber and protect against weathering.

Woodworking is for the whole family.

It is important to keep in mind that that woodworking is not just for guys, as many thousands of american women have also become fine woodworkers in their own right over the years. Some folks say that the attention to detail and fine motor skills that many women have gives them an advantage over their male counterparts when it comes to creating projects from timber. In reality, many families work together on their woodworking and DIY projects and become tighter as a bonded unit as they strive towards their goal. Of course one of the joys of working on a project together is getting to enjoy the company of each other while doing something out of the ordinary.

Woodworking as a pasttime to hone new skills.

The skills and accuracy required to produce high level woodworking projects are developed over time, and it is always a good idea to start off with some beginner level projects before undertaking those that need more highly developed skills. Many beginner projects can be built without any specialist tools and at miminal cost. Learn to walk before you run and eventually you will find you will be some valuable products which you will be able to sell to recover your costs. Infact, there is actually a large demand for quality, handcrafted wooden goods, as can be seen on eBay.

So, the question is not whether woodworking at home is a worthwhile endeavor, it clearly has a number of benefits which go beyond the opportunity to produce nice items for sale. The key is that woodworking gives people the chance to develop new skills, create nice, practical things for around the home, and give the whole family something positive to do together.

Great projects begin with great plans.

As any good woodworker will tell you, a successful job begins with a good plan. Actually a great project initially starts with a great idea. Sometimes a top project can be inspired by taking a time tested idea and approaching it in a new and innovative way. An example of this in carpentry would be the cavity sliding door.

However, sometimes coming up with ideas for interesting projects can be daunting, especially if you are unfamiliar with the capabilities and possibilities open to you. In the same way a new apprentice would understandably have little or no idea of how to build an entire building from the ground up, the new DIY woodworker needs to start with some simple ideas before starting on more difficult projects. So the best way to get started in woodworking at home is to get some ideas from someone with a lot of knowledge in the craft, set yourself up with some clear, detailed plans, and set to it with patience and care, getting pointers from someone with more developed skills from time to time along the way as you need it.

If you or someone you love has a desire to begin woodworking at home or just wants to try your hand at this time honored pasttime, then do them and yourself a huge favor by checking out the new Woodworking4Home 14,000 Project Plan Package for beginners to advanced woodworkers, by John Metz.

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