Developing Social Businesses

By | January 14, 2018

Mostly, a number of big companies around the world want to help people and countries in poverty alleviation, and other social work. The dilemma faced by these companies is that they don’t know how and where they can help in doing social work. They know their own businesses very well, but are unaware of the needs of communities and nations. Many organizations that are facing this problem have sought help and advice from people who are actively involved in social work.

There are two reasons why do large organizations want to get involved in social work. The first is that their conscious tells them that there are needy people who can be helped by them. The other is that organizations know that they are paying huge amounts in tax to the governments. They think that by reducing the profit, and putting it in a social business will be more helpful than giving that extra tax on profit to the state.

When an organization decides to setup a social business, the first rule that they must be aware of is that this is not a profit-making venture. The end of year accountability of the social business will not be counted in currency, but the number of people helped and how many more people are targeted to be helped in the following year. Organizations may need to provide more funds annually to a social venture. For example, if a car manufacturer decides to setup a free ambulance service, he/she may start the service in one city and then decide to expand it to other cities, until the service spreads throughout the country. Such a social venture would require continuous funding.

Businesses with a conscience are eager to help people overcome their miseries and social injustice, and be actively engaged in setting up social businesses. Even governments of poor countries seek social help from large organizations. These organizations respond to such requests and help a number of countries in various social sectors. Health and education are two of the key social sectors that are funded by organizations. Researchers and educationists think that by providing help in these two sectors, the next generation will be able to rise above their current social standards, and lead a better life. Almost all the large world’s renowned organizations are actively involved in funding social businesses.

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