Dollhouse and Miniature Events

By | January 14, 2018

There is a continued trend for people who share an interest or goal to convene for a trade show or exhibition several times a year, and fans and collectors of dollhouses and miniatures are no different. In fact, the world of the shows and events for miniature enthusiasts is big business, with numerous events held not only across the United States of America, but the world. It would seem that no matter what the month or season, if you are prepared to travel a little it is possible to visit an event or exhibition for yourself; such is the popularity of these gatherings.

The scope for these events is endless, and most involve a vast array of different things to see and do. Some events involve looking at displays, while others focus more on the creation of dollhouses and miniatures, with workshops and the like all available. Almost uniformly, there is usually some kind of trade variation to these events – people can meet to sell their work, sell prepackaged packs of dollhouses or even books and other material designed to aid the creation of dollhouses.

The great appeal of these events is how they are applicable to all generations. Children can go and look at the exhibitions, marvel at the wonders of these tiny intricate worlds and maybe even look at how to start a dollhouse themselves while viewing tips and tricks of experienced builders. For the adult builder of dollhouses, the events are a wealth of invaluable information that can help hone the skills of even the most experienced crafter – you never stop learning, after all. The events are also ideal for those who have no interest in making dollhouses, but like to collect them; it is an opportunity to see the best of what is on offer and make links with dealers and artists who may show your their work when first complete in future.

The dollhouse and miniature events are also very social, many of which include food and drink stands to allow for an entire day out experience. Workshops and training classes are, as mentioned, available and an ideal way to perfect skills or even learn them for the first time. One of the most popular enjoyed parts of these events is seeing a presentation by the creator of a dollhouse already finished; you can view the finished product and then listen to how exactly it was made into reality, from the hopeful start to the triumphant conclusion.

The location and frequency of these events is ever changing, but perhaps a good start if you are new to the idea of dollhouse and miniature events is to plan a trip to the Seattle Dollhouse Miniature Show. This takes place twice a year, and features over 70 dealers and vendors, as well as specialists in the field. It is renowned for how enjoyable it is, and is a good starting point to see if you enjoy the experience. If you are a fan and decide to visit more, scour local news and publications for upcoming events closer to home, and if in doubt try the internet for notifications of events near you. It is possible, if one had the money or inclination, to attend a dollhouse or miniature exhibition every week of the year – do not be discouraged, one is sure to come to somewhere near you soon!

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