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By | January 14, 2018

Top of the book: “Little Sister Sunshine Library”
8 summer vacation, children’s books have entered the year Sell Season. “Sunshine sister little study” series of “chocolate flavored summer vacation” in August reelection Children’s bestseller list in the ranking, evergreen, “the window of the small Peas” is still ranked second. “Laughing Cat Diary?? Cherry Vale of Spring” and “Harry? Potter and the Deathly Hallows” have risen in August rankings, columns, third and four.

“Adventure The Little Prince” series, first book, “Resurrection were Meteor” in August rose by nine spots to fifth place. The series of four books were published in June this year, but only the children of this into the Top 30.

“Moore Park Super Star Story” series “Secret Diary of Princess Why Why” and “Bodhi uncle’s Amazing Adventures” in August as well as increased rank, were up 18 spots to ninth place and 11.

8 months back to list three books, two belonging to the children’s cartoon class, namely “the role of decryption great field guide Pokemon” and “Moore Park Super Star Story” series and “Si Erte sister strange dream edge. ” Back in August, another list of the books is YANG Ying’s work “very female.” Children’s cartoon book, eye-catching performance

8 months there have been seven kinds of children’s books monthly for the first time into the open-book bestseller list of the top 30, and the books are children’s cartoons. 7 Ranking

this book, there are six kinds of “Baby Story Book Garden” series. The series of eight, listed in June this year, the second volume of “Doodle juice drink too much” was the most prominent, ranked tenth. “Garden Baby” is a British BBC TV Taiwan Following the “Teletubbies” program broadcast on 10 years later, a series produced specifically for pre-school animation. May 2009, a “garden baby” on its launch ushered in the ratings of a boom, and carried out a full range of market development, including “baby garden” fortnightly magazine and broadcast on CCTV and Beijing Yang media publicity excellent rhythm matching, At present, single-phase circulation has broken 500 thousand, audio and video products are listed on the country.

Children’s cartoon books of the list, often related to the interaction with the visual media, not just a “garden baby stories” series that, in August new to the list of other books on children’s cartoon “McDull stand out (the original movie story book ) “is true. “McDull ringing” is the fourth animated film McDull series, was released nationwide by the end of July this year, very good box office. “McDull ringing (the original movie story book)” was initiated in July listing, the timing of release through the film, but also a good market performance, in August of children’s bestseller list ranked the 13th place.

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