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Boston, MA (October 21, 2008) – Boston Recruiting Agency Hollister, Inc.’s on site non-profit, Everybody Wins! Metro Boston (EWMB), a literacy and mentoring organization, will host their sixth annual fundraising event, “Boston, Books & Baseball” at the State Street Pavilion in historic Fenway Park on November 20th. Last year, the event brought together approximately 300 people and raised over $ 100,000 to support their programming and bring the joy of reading to hundreds of children.

This year’s “Boston, Books & Baseball” event will feature a live performance by Ernie and the Automatics, a Boston-based rock band with a bluesy edge. Attendees will have the opportunity to mingle and network with a diverse group of Boston-area professionals and meet special guests including best-selling author Peter H. Reynolds, ESPN’s Steve Levy, FOX-TV25’s Butch Stearns, and Kiss 108’s Billy Costa. Guests will also have the opportunity to bid on exclusive auction items including a 5-night resort stay in St. Croix, a spot on NECN’s TV Diner, premium tickets to various Boston sporting events, a Bustonian tour, and more.

The event will be generously sponsored by The Boston Business Journal, The Boston Globe, Fidelity Prime Services, Hollister Inc., Ernie and the Automatics, Cross Country Automotive Services, AJ Wright, Opinion Dynamics Corporation, Target Software, Vintage Graphic Solutions, Wainwright, Everybody Wins! USA, Cabot, Northland Investment Company, Dirty Water, The Boston Company Asset Management LLC, Ameriprise, Marken Graphics, Glaceau Smart Water, Triple Eight Vodka, Target Analytics, Fuze, Elema Gormley Photography, Festive Occasions, and the Boston Ski & Sports Club.

About Everybody Wins! Metro Boston

Everybody Wins! USA is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing children’s prospects for success in school and in life. They work to generate enthusiasm for reading and improve children’s literacy through the Power Lunch program. Through this program, EWMB matches adults from local businesses and organizations one-to-one with elementary schoolchildren to share good books and conversation one hour lunch each week. In 2007-2008 they were able to provide weekly reading mentors for 500 children and hope to reach 750 children each week in 2008-2009.

About Hollister

Founded in 1988, Hollister is a leading woman owned full-service staffing firm of Boston Recruiters passionate about finding Recruiting Solutions by connecting Massachusetts’ opportunity with talent. Based and home-grown in the Greater Boston region, Hollister is well positioned to see the Massachusetts job market from both sides. They essentially have two sets of clientele that they show up for every day- Massachusetts companies and its active and passive jobseeker. For 20 years, Hollister has been the bridge that connects professionals with jobs in Massachusetts and companies with the best employees. Whether you are searching for Massachusetts jobs or to hire your next best employee, they are the network you are looking for.

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Praise for Mindset

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“Everyone should read this book.”—Chip Heath and Dan Heath, authors of Made to Stick

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