Football Manager Mark Hughes 5million Green Mansion.

By | January 14, 2018

Fulham football manager Mark Hughes has angered local residents of the upmarket Alderley Edge area of Cheshire because of his recently submitted planning application. They feel that he intends on tearing down part of his Victorian villa and turning the house into a more green family home. The planning application submitted intends on demolishing the back of the historic Brampton House which will then include a swimming pool and gym.

The property dates from the 1850s and is located on Trafford Road. The house has a lot of history behind it as it was initially called Osborne House which was Queen Victorias home on the Isle of Wight. His intention is to just keep the facade of the historic building and in its place build a 5million four bedroom family home which will be extremely environmentally friendly. The plans include excavating a swimming pool, a tranquillity garden, weight and treatment room and a sauna with two plunge pools. He bought the house two and a half years ago and is hopeful that his plans will be approved as the house is not listed, although it is in a conservation area. Underneath the front lawn he hopes to have an underground garage which will be able to house four cars. The ground floor will have a cinema room, an open plan kitchen, dining room and a retreat. The plans then include stairs which will lead down to another lounge and office with a large garden room. There will also be a garden room next door which will connect to the main house by a glazed walkway.

The architects who have designed the house hope that the plans will be approved because the house is retaining its original facade so that it still retains its character. Therefore there will be no significant loss to the conservation area. Neighbours are worried that if the application is allowed to go ahead then this will set a precedent for others in the area to do the same. They hope that Alderley Edge is allowed to retain its unique character and not allow any development to be given the go ahead.

The plans were submitted last May and were rejected. However Hughes has appealed against the decision by Cheshire East Council. Locals to the town feel that many of the original character properties have been demolished and in their place are modern large mansions out of keeping with the area and are hoping that the appeal is upheld. His next door neighbour feels that the development should not be allowed to go ahead as they feel that the house is part of the tradition and history of Alderley Edge. The Edge Association are also against the plans, this same group held a referendum three years ago about the footballers wives homes that were becoming increasingly common in the area. The secretary of the association feels that Hughess villa is one of the last of its kind in Alderley Edge and should be kept as such. The association also feels that although they are not against footballers moving into the area they are pushing property prices through the roof to such an extent that the local young adults are finding it difficult to get onto the property ladder themselves. Hughes will find out later this month if his appeal is successful or not.

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