Hand-spinning As A Hobby And A Business

By | January 14, 2018

Hand-spinning is one of the best known hobbies in the world. More than just being a hobby, it is also being recognized as an art form. Some individuals see hand-spinning as a potential business, especially when the yarns produced are developed further into finished products.

Modern spinning traces its origins from ancient India, Egypt and China, but perfection has been achieved with the invention of the drop spindle and the spinning wheel. However, when things became mechanized during the Industrial Revolution from the 18th to 19th century, the distinction between spinning threads for mass production and manual hand-spinning has been set.

Despite not being an easy hobby to perform, a lot of individuals, particularly women, turn to hand-spinning. Spinning fibers on spindles and weaving them on looms have become pleasurable activities. What makes them even more excited is the fact that their effort pays off well when they see the finished products – yarns of vibrant colors and great designs.

Every turn of the spinning wheel produces fine yarns that can be used in weaving finished products. Among these products include mittens, hats, gloves, mats and clothes. The earning potential for these products is high, especially when placed on a market filled with those looking for high-quality handicrafts.

To serve the needs of spinners, specialty shops dealing with the sale of spinning wheel accessories, equipment and fibers have sprung up around the country. These businesses do not only offer products but they also offer workshops to those who are interested and willing to learn the craft. Of course, there are also equipment builders who eventually sell spinning wheels and looms to the specialty shops.

From hobbyists who simply wanted to experience the joys of the craft, to those who wanted to bring things several notches up by selling spinning supplies, yarns, equipment and finished products, hand-spinning is capturing the attention of a lot of people. It should not surprise anyone to see the renewed and greater interest on hand-spinning now. Hand-spinning goes beyond just being a source of pleasure to anyone, for it is now an art form that is being valued everywhere, and a potential source of income for the enterprising and hardworking.

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